Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 601

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 601 – [I don’t understand. Nicola slept with Damien first so why did she insist on marrying Joel later? To ruin his life?]

[I’m not sure. Damien is crippled and he doesn’t have much inheritance in the family. Joel has always been the president of Yule Corporation. The Wicks family was unknown in Canberra before Nicola married Joel. Today, they’re one of the city’s most wealthy families.]

[I heard that Joel fell into a deep coma after an accident three years ago and he almost lost his life. I bet Nicola and Damien were behind that too.]

[I mentioned three years ago that Nicola could be the mastermind behind it but no one believed me.]


“Ahh, Catherine you b*tch!” Nicola yelled hysterically without caring for her manners.

Charlie had his jaw clenched as well. It appeared that Catherine had already anticipated this to happen.

Honestly, he would not have married Melanie if he knew she was Damien’s daughter. He had thought of slowly taking over Yule Corporation after her promotion.

Catherine’s unexpected return messed up his plan.

The sound of footsteps echoed in the vast parking lot.

Catherine retrieved her car key to unlock the white sports car in front of her.

“Catherine Jones.”

Shaun’s deep, indifferent voice rang behind her.

Joel turned around immediately and positioned himself in front Catherine. “Shaun, please stay away from my daughter.”

Shaun continued walking toward her as if he did not hear the man.

He had been rather surprised by her calm composure in the banquet hall earlier when she was dealing with the country’s most wealthy and powerful people.

It was evident that she had planned this thoroughly with caution.

She had successfully exposed Damien, Nicola, and Melanie’s true colors in front of Australia’s most influential people.

Perhaps those slow-witted people had yet to realize that the news reporters present tonight would be streaming the whole ceremony in real-time.

Anyone who cared about their reputation would undoubtedly steer clear of the trio once they came to that realization.

Having good connections was more important than anything to a businessperson.

However, Catherine had destroyed all of that for the trio effortlessly. That was certainly impressive.

Shaun only remembered her as the annoying and aggressive woman from three years ago.

Today, she had returned more beautiful and powerful than ever, as though she was a completely different person.

It seemed that she had been living well in recent years.

On the other hand, he had been deceived by her all these years like a fool. He had even felt guilty for what had happened to her.

He had not been sleeping well in the past thousand or so nights because of her.

“You lied to me. You’re not d**d.”

Shaun’s dark eyes overflowed with rage within seconds.

As if having lost control of himself, he reached out an arm to grab her but was stopped by Joel immediately.

“Uncle Joel, move.”

He warned coldly.