Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 599

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 599 – The shareholders of the Yule Corporation became flustered upon hearing that. President Lowe was the first one who stepped forward awkwardly. “President Yule, these are your family’s private affairs. There’s no need to air your d***y laundry on the corporation’s 30th anniversary.”

“That’s right. Melanie has contributed so much for the corporation in recent years,” the other shareholders echoed.

Joel was extremely disappointed.

All these people had been working with him since the beginning of time, yet now they sided with Damien just for some personal gains.

“Dad, don’t get upset.” Catherine patted him on the shoulder with a smile before she turned around to look at the shareholders. “Well, does it mean that all of you support Damien and Melanie as the president and CEO of the Yule Corporation?”

The group of men fell silent. They must have received a lot of benefits from Damien in recent years, which positioned them all on the same boat as the aforementioned.

“Alright then, Dad. We’ll leave if they won’t.”

She linked her arms with Joel’s.

“Cathy…” The latter appeared concerned. The Yule Corporation was the only thing he had left for her.

She whispered into his ear, “Dad, remember that the Yule Corporation has invited reporters from almost every major publisher in Australia tonight. Reporters nowadays are into live streaming.”

A look of surprise washed over his face when he realized that tonight’s scandals must have already been publicized to everyone in the country.

A corporation’s leader was tied closely to the company’s image and reputation.

These shareholders that supported Damien and the rest would surely be insulted by the public.

“Soon, they’ll come begging for your help,” Catherine reminded her dad.

He nodded knowingly. “Sure. There’s no point staying in this disgusting place too. Come on, let’s go somewhere else to catch up with one another.”

The two of them left the banquet hall within minutes.

No one expected the chairman of the corporation would be the first to leave the party.

Everyone exchanged confused looks.

A couple of minutes after the duo left, Shaun took his leave as well.

Nicola and Melanie heaved a sigh of relief. They were secretly delighted.

So what if Joel knew the truth? His treasured helpers had already been dismissed from their position. Damien was basically the person in charge of the corporation.

The host looked awkwardly at Damien. “Um… President Yule, what about now…”

The corners of Damien’s lips twitched into a faint smile. He was just about to give a speech when one of the businessmen’s wife shouted aloud, “There’s no point carrying on with the celebration. People are going mad on the internet, calling the president of Yule Corporation cheap, shameless, and a hypocrite. The corporation’s shareholders are equally unethical. Joel Yule, who has been deceived for more than twenty years, even had no choice but to leave the scene.”

“That’s right. Several media platforms are live streaming the news tonight.”

“This platform I’m on has already gained more than a billion views.”

“What a disgrace.”

Colors drained off Damien’s face.

The corporation’s shareholders and executives quickly checked on their phones.