Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 596

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 596 – “Dad, please calm down.” Catherine patted her father’s back worriedly before shifting her glance at Damien all of a sudden. “Uncle, you’re still as unfriendly as you were before. I’m also your niece, but you’re so biased toward Melanie.”

Damien looked at her coldly. “Like I said. I’ll admit you’re my brother’s daughter with the DNA test report. Otherwise, I will not believe a word you said.”

“I think it’s not about whether you believe me. You just don’t want me to come back for fear that my presence will threaten Melanie’s.”

She smiled despite the coldness that flashed across her eyes.

“Of course your presence affects my daughter. You’re just an illegitimate daughter, yet you’re hoping to get a share of the Yule Corporation,” Nicola said loudly. “My daughter Melanie has done so much for the company in recent years. It’s there for everyone to see.”

“That’s right.”

Some of the company’s stockholders nodded, and one of them turned to face Old Master Yule. “What do you think?”

The latter frowned. “Melanie does indeed have the capability to be the successor of the Yule Corporation. Joel, finish the announcement about making Melanie the CEO. We need to do a DNA test before determining if this woman is actually Catherine.”

“Grandpa, you’ve misunderstood me. I didn’t show up today to compete for the corporation’s successor. I’m only here to reveal the truth — that Melanie is not my father’s birth daughter.”

Catherine’s words created an uproar among the audience.

Joel, especially, was stunned.

Nicola, who grew more anxious, shouted, “I can’t believe you have the cheeks to say you’re not here to compete for the corporation’s successor. In order to eliminate Melanie, you even went so far as to make this accusation. Can’t you see the resemblance between the two of them?”

“You’re spewing nonsense!” Melanie’s eyes were red with rage.

“Ridiculous! Get her out of here!” Damien slapped his hand down on the wheelchair’s handle. His face was overcast.

“Uncle, why the rush?” An enigmatic smile spread across Catherine’s face. “Are you afraid that I’ll ruin your plans?”

“Did you not hear me? I don’t want this woman spreading lies here.” Damien glared at the security guards.

They had no choice but to approach Catherine again.

“I brought two paternity reports with me today.” She raised her arm high. “The one belongs to my dad and Melanie shows that they’re not father and daughter. The other one confirms paternity between my uncle and Melanie.”

After hearing that, the security guards were at a loss of what to do.

Joel snatched the reports from her hands and began reading the reports. He was livid, and his body was trembling so much that he looked like he was about to faint.

He lifted his head to stare at Nicola before shifting his furious gaze at Damien. “The two of you are Melanie’s parents.”

Worry flashed across both Nicola’s and Melanie’s eyes but only for a quick second. The former stomped her feet on the ground and cried out, “Joel, you b*stard. You believe anything that comes out of her mouth. It’s so easy to forge documents these days. I swear that Melanie is your birth daughter.”

Colors drained off Melanie’s face. “Dad, how can you say that Uncle Damien is my father? That’s unbelievable. You’re my father.”

Damien also looked aggrieved and upset. “Brother, we grew up together, but you’re suspecting me simply based on a forged report?”

Old Master and Old Master Yule exchanged glances, looking unconvinced. “Joel, I believe Damien. He won’t do something like this.”

Joel began to hesitate upon hearing that.

Crossing Nicola out of the equation, he really found it difficult to believe this to be the truth. After all, he raised Melanie since she was a baby, and Damien was his dear brother.