Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 587

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 587 – “Just because I didn’t meddle in your affairs, you ended up pushing Catherine and k*****g the twins. I only found out about this incident two days ago,” Old Master Hill said furiously. “How could you possibly be so inhuman? You can be a fickle lover, but you cannot treat your wife and children this way. Even your mom didn’t go as far as this.”

“Exactly,” Old Madam Hill said in despair. “When your wife was pregnant, you messed around with Sarah all day and night. Not only did you ignore her, but you also imprisoned her and caused her to end up in a mental hospital. You’ve experienced a mental hospital when you were young too. How could you do such a heartless thing? She’s already d**d, yet you refuse to free her. Are you planning to show her how in love you are with Sarah at her own f*****l?”

“Please, I beg you. Let her go.” Freya suddenly sank to her knees and wept bitterly. “She was never happy during her time in Canberra. I’d like to bring her back to Melbourne, back to where she came from.”

“Take her away.” Old Master Hill waved his hand. He might not have been fond of Catherine in the beginning, but during their time together recently, he began to like her for her obedience. “You tortured her so badly when she was alive. Now that she’s d**d, just free her and leave her in peace.”

Old Madam Hill said in agony, “Shaun, I don’t understand why you’ve become so cruel.”

In that instant, Shaun’s chest clenched.

Was he cruel?

Was he wrong?

He did not mean to lock Catherine up.

He was under the impression that she was suffering from depression.

He had initially thought of giving her a sum of money that was sufficient for her to spend in her lifetime and made her leave after she gave birth to the children.

Yet, why did she d*e just like that?

Shaun was frozen to the spot.

In the end, Freya took Catherine away.

The scene of the two of them meeting for the first time flashed across his mind off and on.

“I’m actually ill, but I’m not insane. I’m lovesick.”

“Pretty boy, you look so charming with your eyes closed that women just find it irresistible.”

“I want to marry you.”

“I swear that from now on, I will only treat you well, and I’ll promise you everything I’ve said…”


In fact, she used to be so cute and pretty like a little vixen.

So when did he start harboring resentment toward her, especially when he saw her?

Was he the one who drove her to this state?

At that point, Shaun was confused like a kid at his wits’ end.

He could not even recall how he walked out of the hospital.

It was then Sarah appeared in front of him, and her red eyes were filled with guilt. “It’s my fault. I thought she was suffering from mild depression. I didn’t know that her condition was so severe. 15 percent of the people diagnosed with depression tend to commit s*****e. I should’ve treated her. I’m sorry.”

However, Shaun directly walked past Sarah as if he did not hear her.

All he had in his mind was Catherine’s d**d look with her eyes closed.

What was he doing when she died?

“Shaunny…” Sarah stretched out her hand to grip him.

Shaun violently swung his arm to break free from her grip. He looked at her indignantly and thundered, “Enough. After all, it’s all Thomas’ doing. If it hadn’t been for his doing, Freya wouldn’t have gotten into trouble, and I wouldn’t have imprisoned Catherine. Catherine’s illness wouldn’t have worsened, and she wouldn’t have thought of k*****g me. The children wouldn’t have lost their lives too. I shouldn’t have helped him.”

It was because of Thomas that he lost the twins as well as Catherine.

Was it worthwhile?

All of a sudden, he began to doubt it.