Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 577

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 577 – “You’re confining me?”

Catherine felt like she was going crazy.

Not only was Shaun going to give Sarah the children that Catherine gave birth to, but he was locking her up too.

Was he still a human?

“How could you do that? This is illegal. I’m calling the police.”

Catherine took out her phone, but he smashed it on the ground.

“Catherine Jones, I’ve given you a chance before. It’s your fault for entangling with Wesley Lyons.” Shaun could not tell why he himself was so annoyed. Perhaps it had something to do with a man’s ego.

“What right do you have to say that to me? You’re the one who had an affair with Sarah Neeson while you were still married. Don’t think I don’t know that you’ve already slept with her.”

“So what if I’ve slept with her? Look at how hideous and insane you look. How could you compare to Sarah?”

The more he said, the crueler and meaner his words were.

Catherine was so stunned. As she touched her uneven face, her heart ached even more.

Who was the one that said he did not mind her disfigurement?

Yet now, he said that she was hideous.

How was her face d********d in the first place? Did he not remember that at all?

“Shaun, if you’re going to give my children to Sarah, I’d rather jump off this building.”

She said resolutely with a pale face.

“Then, jump. If you dare hurt my children, I’ll bury your friends and your father who’s lying in the hospital bed,” Shaun said coldly.

Then, he slammed the door and left.

Catherine rushed over, but then, she heard the sound of the door locking from the outside.

She tried to pull the door, but no matter what, it would not budge.

She was locked up.

She could not go anywhere.

She sat on the ground like a broken doll.

In the past, no matter how cruel Shaun treated her, she never truly hated him.

It was because she told herself that he did not mean to do it. He was just hypnotized by Sarah.

However, she really hated him now.

She hated Thomas Neeson. She hated Sarah Neeson. She hated Shaun Hill. She hated Rodney Snow and everyone else.

If not for Shaun and their stupidity, would they be hypnotized by Sarah?

At the end of the day, Shaun deserved it. His undying love for Sarah was what brought him to this day.

It was also him who allowed Thomas to hurt Freya and Wesley.

Now, Thomas did not have to suffer the sanctions of the law.

Yet, she was locked up.

She could not imagine how Thomas, who was let out of the police station, would intensify his efforts to hurt her friends even more.

She hated Shaun Hill. He raised her up to the sky and then viciously trampled her underfoot.

One day, she would make them suffer for the pain they had caused Freya, Charity, and her.

In the afternoon.

An unfamiliar lady was sent to take care of her.

Aunty Yasmine and Elle, the two people who took care of her before, were transferred away.