Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 568

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Immediately after, Sarah began to post various pictures of Shaun and her during their junior and senior high school years. Many netizens began to praise their long-lasting love.

However, Catherine did not pay any attention to that. She uninstalled Facebook and hardly read the news.

Then, Freya angrily called her up. “Catherine Jones, have you gone mad? What do you mean you divorced Shaun Hill last month? You’re not divorced at all! He’s having an affair with that little sl*t Sarah Neeson. How could they be such scumbags? You even have to shoulder the blame yourself. Have you heard what those people are calling you? No, I’m going insane with anger. I’m gonna chop those two dogs up with a cleaver!”

“Freya, I didn’t have a choice. Shaun threatened me with my dad. If I didn’t issue that statement, he’d stop my dad’s treatment,” Catherine said helplessly.

“Is he still human? He’s really a f*cking scumbag. Hurry up and divorce him.” Freya was furious.

“I think he’ll only divorce me after I give birth to the children.”

“He wants to steal your children too?” Freya almost vomited blood. “Doesn’t he have Sarah? Let her give birth to his children. Can’t she have kids?”

“How could the Hill family allow their family members to be raised outside?” Catherine smiled bitterly. “Don’t worry, I’ll think of a way.”

“I’m really going mad. You can’t let Sarah be your kids’ stepmother.”

“Of course.”

Catherine hung up the phone with a sad face.

On the other side.

Sarah soon moved into the seaside villa.

Thomas looked around and said, “Sarah, this place is really luxurious. It’s no wonder you were racking your brain trying to come up with a way to move in here. I heard that this is the most expensive beachfront in Canberra.”

“I don’t want to move in here because it’s expensive.” Sarah smiled and sat down on the sofa.

“I know. It’s because this is where Catherine Jones and Shaun used to stay. Hehe, if Catherine finds out, she’ll probably vomit blood in anger.”

Thomas looked at his sister in admiration. “She used to show off like she was some great young lady, but I don’t think she’s worth sh*t now. You don’t know how many wealthy families in Canberra are coming to curry favors with me now. Everyone knows that you’re the future Mrs. Hill.”

“There’s no rush. When I marry Shaun, there’ll be even more people who’ll fawn over you,” Sarah said faintly.

“With how things are going, you’ll get there soon.”

Thomas’ phone suddenly rang and he went to the side to pick it up. He started to laugh.

Then, he came back and said, “I’m going.”

“Where to?” Sarah gave him a side glance. “You’re not going to do something wicked again, right? I’m telling you, even though Shaun loves me, he hasn’t reached a point where he’ll spoil me with no limits. He has disliked you for a long time.”

“Don’t worry, I’m just going to teach that Freya Lynch a lesson.” Thomas cackled.

Sarah’s brows twitched slightly. “Catherine Jones’ friend?”

“Yep. She looks quite beautiful, but she’s pretty arrogant. When I went after her before, she scolded me and looked down on me. Hah, I still remember the time she scolded me in the hospital.”