Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 565

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 565 – They looked intimate in every picture as though they were conjoined twins.

They had found Sarah’s Facebook as well. Last night, Sarah posted a picture of a three-tiered cake. On top of the cake were two dolls, a princess and a prince. She had typed a caption as well: [I never thought that you would be celebrating my birthday with me again. Love you. It all started from you and ends with you.]

The netizens were in an uproar!

[F*ck, I thought Eldest Young Master Hill was a saint. Not much time has passed and he’s having an affair now. What a j**k.]

[Me too. I even envied the otherworldly love between Eldest Young Master Hill and his wife.]

[Young Madam is so pitiful.]

[This woman looks just like a mistress. What a shameless person.]

[D*e, you b*tch]

[Seducing another person’s husband, aren’t you ashamed? Your whole family should just d*e.]


Catherine turned off her phone. She got up and brushed her teeth blankly.

She thought she would not cry anymore, but halfway through brushing her teeth, she burst into tears. It was because she spotted Shaun’s toothbrush on the bathroom sink.

When she walked out of her room at 8:30 a.m., the maids who passed occasionally gave her a sympathetic glance.

She knew that everyone had seen the news.

As she neared the dining room, the sound of Yvette, who was Second Uncle’s wife, sounded from inside. “I thought Shaun liked Catherine a lot but he changed his heart in just a few days. He gave a villa and fireworks show to that woman. I guess he doesn’t care about Catherine anymore.”

Spencer said, “It can’t be helped. We knew just how much Shaun loved Sarah in the past, and Catherine… Her face is d********d. She doesn’t look pretty anymore.”

“You’re right. If I were a man, I’d have an affair too.”

Old Madam Hill sighed. “The pitiful ones are the two children who aren’t even fully formed yet.”

Yvette said, “Shaun will definitely want the children, won’t he? I’m a mother as well. Catherine surely won’t be able to bear leaving her two kids to the Hill family.”

Old Master Hill said with a deep voice, “Anyway, the Hill family’s children must stay in the Hill family. Nobody can take them away.”


Catherine halted her steps instinctively. She turned around and left.

At Hill Corporation’s office.

Shaun saw the negative news on his computer. His handsome face darkened. “Have you found out who was the one who circulated the news?”

“It’s the media company secretly sponsored by the Campos family,” Hadley told the truth.

“The Campos family?”

Shaun narrowed his eyes. He emanated a cold and dangerous aura at this moment. “Very well, the Campos family is openly going against me now.”

Hadley’s lips moved slightly. He mustered his courage and said, “Eldest Young Master Hill, why don’t you clarify to the public that you’re just good friends with Ms. Neeson? You’re married now, so it’s not good for Hill Corporation’s reputation if this spreads out.”

When Shaun was remaining silent, Thomas gave him a call. “Eldest Young Master Hill, something has happened. Sarah got hurt after being hit by someone when she went out this morning.”

Half an hour later, Shaun arrived at the hospital. Thomas had been waiting for a long time at the door. “Eldest Young Master Hill, you’re finally here. Sarah is still lying in bed. The doctor said she has a concussion from being hit.”

Shaun frowned. He pushed the ward’s door open with a dark expression. Sarah’s forehead was wrapped with bandages. Her fair, small face was pale and weak.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Shaun touched the wound on her forehead.