Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 348

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Waves of discussion floated in the air, but Catherine did not bother to listen and simply looked at the big screen in front of her that said ‘Hill Foundation Charity Night’.

This was a charity night held by the Hill family?

Would Shaun be here?

As she looked around, she felt like she was going to faint. Not only Shaun, but even Melanie, Old Madam Hill, Old Master Hill, Lea, Valerie, and other members of the Hill family were all present.

Even Nicola and Joel were here.

They were also surprised to see the two people.

Catherine only felt her legs shake. Now, she could only see Shaun in her eyes. He was dressed in a black tailored suit. His dark and deep eyes were fixed on her with a coldness that only she understood.

“Didn’t you say… there wouldn’t be anyone I know?” She looked at Liam with a little anger.

“How would you have come if I hadn’t said so?” Liam smiled and winked at her. “Don’t you see that Nicola and Melanie are here as well? I purposely brought you here so you could slap them.”

“Second Young Master Hill…” Catherine wanted to cry. He had good intentions, but his plan was going to backfire.

“Let them see that you don’t just have an ordinary relationship with me. We’ll see who dares to bully you in the future.” Liam forcefully took her hand and walked toward the crowd.

“Catherine Jones, why are you here?” Melanie was about to explode with anger. “Are you jealous because Eldest Young Master Hill is with me so you hooked up with Second Young Master Hill to get back at us?”

“I’m friends with Second Young Master Hill.” Catherine took a deep breath before explaining, making sure Shaun heard her.

Shaun swirled the wine glass in his hand. His handsome face was gloomy and unchanged, but it was Old Master Hill who said in a deep voice, “Liam, when did you get close to her? How old are you? Can’t you be more alert?”

Joel pulled Catherine to his side. “Old Master, Catherine is my daughter, not an outsider.”

Nicola sneered, “Dear, don’t you understand? An illegitimate daughter is an illegitimate daughter. All nobles and elites from all walks of life are here tonight. Her presence will only make everyone laugh. It’ll affect your reputation.”

Liam spread his hands. “What are you guys doing? She’s the female companion I brought. Don’t meddle if you don’t know the whole story. You’ll just make things worse.”

“Enough, stop arguing,” Lea suddenly spoke up, “Liam has talked to me about this matter before. I agreed to let him bring her along.”

Everyone was surprised, and Shaun’s eyes narrowed. “You…”

“You’re already going to get married to Melanie and Liam isn’t young anymore,” Lea interrupted him.

Nicola refused to accept it. “Lea, you might not know this, but Catherine is the same as her mother. Her character—”

“I naturally know what her character is like. I don’t need others to point it out to me.” Lea had stood in a high position for a long time. When she glanced over, the pressure caused Nicola to be unable to utter a word.

“Thanks, Mom,” Liam said with a smile.

Catherine was completely confused. She never thought that Lea would speak up for her. It was absurd.

“Sit down, dinner is about to start.” Old Madam Hill gave Catherine a meaningful glance. There were some things that did not have to be rushed. In any case, she would not agree to Liam and Catherine being together. Catherine was an illegitimate daughter and was unworthy of her grandson.

There were quite a few celebrities attending the charity dinner tonight.

After everyone took their seats, Shaun went on stage as the chairman of the fund to deliver a speech. His perfect figure was wrapped in a suit, making him look noble and distinguished.

Even when facing the many big shots below the stage, the calm aura emanating from his body made the crowd praise him.

Melanie looked at the man on stage and became even more infatuated.

She must absolutely hold on to a charming and handsome man like Eldest Young Master Hill.