Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2810

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2810 – Charity tried her best to recall the situation after the accident.

However, the more she recalled it, the more her head hurt.

“Think about what happened to you.” Upon noticing that she suddenly began to breathe rapidly, Max frowned and anxiously leaped to his feet. “I’m going to call the doctor.”

“No need.” Charity said, “I just want to recall what happened before I was in a coma.”

“If you can’t recall it, just let it be.” Max revealed a look of pity. “A lot of surveillance footage has been leaked on the internet.”

“Where’s Huxley?” Charity asked after some thought.

“He’s d**d.”

Charity was speechless.

Max gritted his teeth and said, “After the first time Chester hit the Land Rover, the passersby and traffic police rushed over to save you out of the Audi. But Huxley, who was covered in blood, dashed toward you while holding a knife. Chester was the one who eventually hit Huxley, which caused him to fall into the river. Chester was seriously injured only because he didn’t manage to be saved in time. He forcefully pressed the accelerator despite being injured. Once again, a collision occurred.”

Charity’s eyes revealed a trace of confusion.

It was probably because she could not believe that the cruel Chester would risk his life in order to save her.

He had been selfish, had he not?

Did he know what sacrifice and love were?

Why did he not stay away from her?

Indeed, she did not want to be associated with him anymore.

“Although Huxley was a fugitive, Chester drove in the opposite direction of traffic in full view of everyone and even crashed into Huxley. What did the police say?” Charity quickly grasped the key point.

“Now, the Todd family is trying to sue Chester for intentional m****r. The Todd family has powerful connections with both the police and the triads. Otherwise, Huxley wouldn’t have acted so unscrupulously. In particular, Huxley is the only son in the Todd family. But don’t worry. Huxley was escaping the law at the time. Plus, many people witnessed how he attempted to k**l you. With Shaun taking over the case, you won’t lose.”

Charity had faith in Shaun’s capability. He could twist the facts in all the cases he accepted.

Nevertheless, the process would be quite troublesome as Chester was the president of Jewell Corporation. He would bring a lot of instability to the company, considering that he became embroiled in this kind of lawsuit.

“Will Chester d*e?” Charity suddenly asked.

Max was stunned for a few seconds before he replied, “I’m not sure. He’s still in the ICU department. It seems that he’s in critical condition.”

After a pause, he added with a low voice, “Do you want to pay him a visit?”

“Can I?” Charity’s voice was slightly hoarse. “His family won’t let me visit him. They probably hate me to the core.”

Max was speechless at that moment.

Indeed, he heard that Chester’s parents were agitated after they learned that something happened to their son. Chester’s mother, in particular, had been howling outside.

If Charity went over, she would probably be told off severely.

However, he was surprised to find that Charity was composed and that she could think of that.

“Well, you-“

“You may go home and rest.” Charity interrupted his sentence. “You have work. I can get a caretaker to look after me.”

“Stop kidding. How can I feel at ease having a caretaker look after you?” Max said, “Mrs. Robbins already knows about this issue. She’s now flying over here with my mom. They should be able to arrive here the next morning.”

Charity was suddenly dazed. Only then did it hit her that Eliza had a mother. Eliza’s mother must have learned about the issue from the news.

Knowing what was on Charity’s mind, Max said, “Mrs. Robbins sees you as Eliza, her only daughter. When she knew that something happened to you, she was definitely worried. What’s more, I believe you won’t want me to stay here and take care of you all the time. It’s good that she’s coming over.”


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