Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2808

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2808 – Catherine and Freya’s eyes were filled with complicated feelings.

It could be due to their identity and job nature that they considered Max the most upright man they had ever met.

“But aren’t you worried that Charity…” Catherine bit her tongue.

Max forced a smile. “She has never been with me. I can’t force her to be with me just because I’ve helped her. We’re friends. In the past, I helped her out of willingness. If she’s still not interested in me, I can’t force her either. Doing so will only cause the person I love to find me disgusting and despicable.”

Catherine sighed. After a long time, she said, “Then… tell Charity about it after she’s awake.”

“…Alright, thank you.” Max nodded. He turned around and entered the ward.

“Why do you want him to let Charity know? He’ll even thank you.” At that moment, Freya had not come to her senses.

“If he’s the one who says it at this time, it’ll make him seem magnanimous.” Catherine said with a smile, “In fact, he’s indeed magnanimous and tolerant. What Charity did for Chester might be shocking, but she won’t neglect Max’s magnanimity after she pulls herself together.”

Freya blinked her eyes. After some time, she uttered ‘oh’ softly. “Actually, I didn’t believe that Chester was really in love with Charity. But after this incident, I think he’s truly in love. However, there’s been a lot of misunderstandings between them because of Sarah. If Sarah hadn’t caused so much trouble, could they have gotten married? Chester wouldn’t have become so extreme too.”

“In that case, if it hadn’t been for Sarah, Shaun and I wouldn’t have gotten a divorce. You wouldn’t have divorced Rodney as well.” Catherine mocked.


Freya instantly choked. Only after some time did she say, “Sarah is an inborn b*tch. She’s done so many immoral deeds. She’s fortunate to have been shot d**d.”

“She’s already d**d, yet the people who are still alive have to suffer because of her deeds.”

Catherine let out a sigh.

At that moment, Shaun walked over from the other end of the corridor with his tall, sturdy figure.

Given that he had not slept the entire night, his handsome face was filled with weariness, and his eyes were bloodshot too.

“How’s Chester now?” Catherine asked.

“He’s in the ICU department and still in critical condition.” Shaun shook his head gloomily. “The doctor said that he’ll be disabled even after he wakes up.”


Shaun said, “Huxley is d**d. The Todd family has already headed to the police station and are accusing Chester of intentional m****r.”

Catherine chuckled. “While Huxley was hunting Eliza down to k**l her, it caused some accidents. He even hit Eliza’s car, which is intentional m****r. If Chester hadn’t shown up, Huxley would’ve been successful in murdering her.”

“I need to help Chester with this case.” Shaun said, “Huxley is the only child in the Todd family. Considering that he dares to act so unscrupulously, it means that the Todd family has an impressive background in Canberra.”

“Since Chester saved Eliza this time, I won’t be unreasonable. You can help him win the case,” Catherine said.

Shaun sighed. “I never thought that Chester would be so insane. Despite having known him for a long time, I didn’t expect that he would do such a thing. He has always been a cool person. I don’t understand why he suddenly cares about Eliza.”

With that, he stared fixedly at Catherine. “Are you hiding something from me?”


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