Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2800

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2800 – Manager Starr frowned. “After the video was disclosed, I got netizens to fuel the issue, but it didn’t really work. This has provoked outrage, particularly among the females. An apology alone isn’t useful. What’s more, if Eliza has evidence telling everyone that the woman is d**d, I’m afraid that the consequences…”

Toby said furiously, “Those women are really idle. Well, Ruby Vernon deserves what happened to her. Since she was dressed so beautifully late at night, she deserved to be dragged into the room by Huxley Todd.”

Manager Starr curled his lip awkwardly. He did not dare to say a word.

Deep down, he was sneering at Toby and Monte.

In this era, what was wrong with women going out dressed beautifully?

However, Manager Starr currently relied on the Patterson family for his bread and butter. It was not easy to get a job out there. He had long put aside his principles for the sake of money.

Monte pursed his thin lips silently. Now, he was rather scared that he would be dragged into the incident on the internet.

He even regretted what he did.

Why did he provoke Eliza, that woman, back then?

That woman was like a psycho.

After some thought, Toby said, “Anyway, that was Huxley’s doing. At that time, we helped to clean up his mess out of kindness. Why don’t we wash our hands of it? Let’s say that Huxley had someone remove the video and it has nothing to do with the hotel. The hotel has been actively cooperating with the police, but there are issues with the internal staff. Then, we’ll randomly get a substitute. We just have to make sure it doesn’t involve the hotel.”

“No way.” Monte quickly said, “Dad, have you forgotten about the new company I just set up? Huxley has introduced over 10 clients to me. If this incident escalates and Huxley leaks those matters, I’ll surely go to j**l.”

Toby flew into a fury after hearing it. “You dumb*ss. Who told you to work with those in Newcastle?”

“Dad, you didn’t object to it earlier, did you? What’s more, the revenue of my travel agency over the past two months can be compared to the corporation’s one-year revenue,” Monte said softly.

“But I can’t possibly risk the name of Patterson Corporation for Huxley’s sake.” Toby snapped at him, “Patterson Corporation is our everything.”

“Dad, that’s not the point. After all, it’s all about money.” Monte was unbothered. “Anyway, our ultimate goal is to make enough money. We’ll then be able to reopen our company. Our business hasn’t been performing that well over the past few years. If it can’t survive, let’s close it and reopen a new hotel. The Patterson family might be prouder than before.”

“What Young Master Patterson said makes sense.” Manager Starr added, “Having said that, we mustn’t let anyone know that we were the ones who had the hotel video removed.”

Toby’s heart thumped.

At that moment, Huxley called him. Toby took his phone and went to one side. “Huxley… This has nothing to do with us. Monte helped you remove the video previously. Eliza is probably the one who got a hacker to retrieve the video… Yes, yes. Eliza, that celebrity… I’m having a meeting now… I’m puzzled as well… Don’t worry, we certainly won’t betray you…”

After Toby ended the call, Monte raised his brows and said, “Dad, you’re… egging Huxley on so that he’ll cause trouble for Eliza, aren’t you?”

“What’s wrong with that?” Toby scoffed as he pointed at his head. “Huxley has been taking a lot of d***s and is out of his mind now. He’s hot- tempered, irritable, and neurotic. Isn’t it wonderful if he can do away with the albatross?”


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