Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2797

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2797 – Charity took a deep breath.

There was no dirt on Janee Hotel in March this year, so it seemed like the Patterson family had removed the video and did not disclose it.

If it were exposed online, that matter would be filed and subject to investigation.

Who sent that video?

Charity glanced at the address on the courier bag, which read ‘Chester Jewell from Jewell Corporation’.


She was quite speechless.

People would usually keep their identity anonymous when doing such a bad deed. However, it was as if Chester was worried that no one knew that it was his doing.

In fact, she could more or less guess it even if Chester had not left his signature.

Nevertheless, it would be great if she could pretend she did not know who it was.


Charity carefully watched the video once again. At last, he contacted Levi from Ferra Film Group.

Levi sighed. “Eliza, you’re getting more extreme. It’s not easy to dig up dirt on the Patterson family. How did you get it?”

“I got it through my own means.” Charity had no choice but to ask, “How did you know that it’s not easy to dig up dirt on the Patterson family?”

“This isn’t simple. The three generations of the Patterson family are all in Canberra with many gains involved. Although their business isn’t as great as before, the Patterson family has been on the same boat with many people.” Levi said, “Otherwise, why would they dare to be unscrupulous?”

“Are you concerned that Ferra will be affected?” Charity asked all of a sudden.

Levi chuckled and replied, “If I was bold enough to expose Jewell Corporation’s s*****l earlier, why not the Patterson family? What’s more, you’re a large shareholder of Ferra. How would I dare to disobey you?”

“Don’t say that. You’re the person in charge of Ferra,” Charity said politely.


12:00 p.m.

The video of Janee Hotel’s employee using the same towel to wipe the toilet bowl and floor was spread online.

The video immediately caused an uproar among the netizens.

[This is Janee Hotel, isn’t it? I saw the logo on the towel. This is f*cking disgusting. I just stayed there last night. Ew.]

[The cheapest accommodation in Janee Hotel costs over 1000 dollars. It turned out that its hygiene… is trashy.]

[The relevant department should do a spot check.]

[No wonder its business has been declining over the past few years. I dare not visit there anymore.]

[Oh well, this isn’t my concern because it’s too costly. I can’t afford to stay there.]


Chester did not rest at noon as he was scrolling through the video on his phone.

He furrowed his beautiful brows together unhappily.

It was not the video he had sent to Charity.

She did not use his video.

Chester knocked his finger against the desk with dissatisfaction and called his secretary over. “Are you sure the parcel you mailed has been signed for?”

The secretary promptly said, “It’s been mailed. I found the best intra-city express service. After that, the courier called the security officer and asked about it. The security officer said he has personally handed the parcel to Miss Robbins.”

“Okay. You may leave.”

Chester waved his hand. Then, he took out his phone to dial Charity’s number, only to find that his number had been blocked.

D**n it.

Chester had no choice but to borrow his secretary’s phone to call Charity.

After the call was connected, Charity’s polite ‘hello’ sounded.

“It’s me, Charity. We’re shareholders of the same company. It’s not a good idea for you to block my number. What if I can’t contact you when we need to hold a general meeting one day?” Chester asked with his brows raised.

“I won’t unblock you until you stop pestering me for private matters,” Charity said impatiently.

“This isn’t a private matter.” Chester raised his brows. “Have you watched the video I sent you this morning?”

Charity straightened her back right after hearing it. “What gives? What are you trying to do? Are you begging for my appreciation?”


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