Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2776

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2776 – “I’m helping you to test Max.” Freya said in a self-righteous manner,” Besides being good-looking and agile, a man must be faithful and able to cook. Lastly, he must be patient when it comes to taking care of children. Otherwise, if you give birth to a child in the future, you’ll need a nanny to look after your child.”

Charity complained, “Your criteria for selecting a partner has gotten so high after you got together with Ryan.”

Freya chuckled. “Aside from good looks and agility, my requirements for other aspects aren’t high. After all, we’re both rich and good-looking, aren’t we?”

After that, she deliberately nudged Ryan, who was carrying Dani, with her shoulder. “Do you think I’m right?”

Ryan’s handsome face revealed a gentle and doing smile. “Yes. Everything you say is right.”

Charity was at a loss for words.

Did the two of them come over to visit her or show off their relationship?

As Dani could not sit still, she wriggled out of Ryan’s embrace shortly after.

Charity quickly poured a cup of juice for her. The juice had been made a while ago, so it was no longer cold.

Dani took the cup and sat on the chair obediently to drink it. Soon, there was juice around her mouth. However, instead of looking d***y, she looked cute.

“Drink, Mommy.” Dani clumsily held the cup to Freya’s face.

“It’s fine. You can drink it,” Freya said with a gentle voice.

Dani then held the cup to Ryan’s face. “Drink, Daddy.”

Ryan lowered his head and pretended to take two sips. “It tastes great. Thank you, Dani, my darling.”

Dani immediately smiled with her eyes. There were two dimples on her face as well.

At the sight of Dani, Charity’s heart seemed to have melted.

She had never interacted with kids, so she never knew that kids could be so adorable.

“Kids are cute, aren’t they?” Freya winked at Charity. “You can consider giving birth to one.”

Charity stopped talking.

She did not mind having a child, but she would mind the child having a father.

In terms of relationships, she really had no idea how to get along with other people.

Upon noticing that Charity was absent-minded, Ryan said, “The person who tampered with your car today should be Toby Patterson.”

“Monte’s dad?”

“Yes.” Ryan nodded. “Toby is quite a figure in Canberra. In the earlier years, many people with unique identities from both the police and the triads enjoyed staying in Janee Hotel. Before my dad stepped up, the former prime minister always arranged for many political bigwigs to stay in Janee Hotel. However, those bigwigs fell from power after the former prime minister stepped down. Coupled with the rise of many hotels, Janee Hotel’s business started to worsen.”

Charity saw the light. “So the person behind the Patterson family is most likely the former prime minister, huh?”

“Probably.” Ryan said, “But we can’t take him lightly because he still has connections. You might not notice, but many grand charity events or meetings are still held at Janee Hotel.”

“Thank you for the reminder, Young Master Snow.” Charity thanked him earnestly.

“No problem. Freya has very few friends, so I’m happy to help.” Ryan said, “The person who tampered with your car this time has been found, but I guess it’s hard to wring the truth out of him. Of course, I’m guessing Toby isn’t aiming to take your life for now.”

Freya pouted. “He even tempered her car. What was he aiming to do if not to take her life?”


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