Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2771

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2771 – Charity was astonished.

She did not think a cold-blooded and heartless person like Chester would have such patriotic sentiments.

However, as a doctor, his skills were indeed undeniable.

Miss Lambert sighed. “Initially, we really didn’t want to work with Neeson Corporation. After all, Neeson Corporation isn’t doing well. Our athletes are very particular about choosing endorsements. Money isn’t of utmost importance. Mainly, the product has to be good. To be honest, Neeson Corporation’s sports products over these years aren’t amazing. However, we have to return a big favor like this.”

“I deeply apologize.”

Charity said sincerely, “We treasure the athletes’ talents too. If we get Josh to be our endorser, we’ll surely launch our newly developed products. Currently, we’ve invested 300 million dollars to specifically research products to achieve a breakthrough. The products this time will surely not be criticized by the public.”

“Alright. We’ll wait and see.”

Miss Lambert was reassured after listening to Charity’s words. “President Robbins, I didn’t expect you to be doing pretty well after switching industries from filming to business.”

“I just know one logic. If a brand wants to reach greater heights, its products and quality must be top-notch,” Charity said seriously.

“Let’s have a pleasant cooperation. You can inform Josh to come over to shoot commercials after your new products are done.”

“Thank you. The new products will take about a month.”

Charity and Miss Lambert signed the contract.

After leaving the company, Miss Lambert called Chester’s secretary.

Soon, the secretary informed Chester. “President Jewell, Neeson Corporation’s Eliza has signed a contract with Josh.”


Chester nodded. “Have someone keep an eye on Neeson Corporation. Report to me anytime if there are any issues.”

The secretary hesitated and said, “The Patterson family seemed to have spent money to headhunt most of Neeson’s Corporation’s senior managers. Do we need to-“

“No need.” Chester gestured to the secretary to leave.

After the door closed, Ken said puzzledly, “Since you’re helping her, why don’t you help her till the end?”

“If I help her in everything, it won’t be Eliza managing the company herself. It’ll be me laying out a road for her. This definitely isn’t what she wants to see. She won’t accept it either.”

Chester said calmly, “Actually, with her current achievements, she can solve the problem sooner or later even if I didn’t help her look for Josh. It’s just that she might not choose Josh. Josh is the only athlete with two gold medals in the Winter Olympics this year. Moreover, he’s handsome and popular. With such a tempting offer presented to her, she’ll surely be tempted and won’t reject it.”

Ken understood in an instant. “It means you can lend a hand but only to a certain extent.”

“That’s right.” Chester nodded. “Doing too much will annoy people. Not all women like to have red carpets rolled out for them.”

Ken scratched the back of his head.

He found Chester surreal as if he had transformed into another person.

The phone on the table rang at that moment.

Chester saw the word ‘Charity’. His heart skipped a beat.

Ken left tactfully upon reading the situation.

Chester stood up. He took the phone and picked up the call. “Do you have something to say?”

“Would I have called you if I didn’t?” Charity spoke coldly, “About Josh, thank you. But that’s as far as it goes. Stop paying attention and meddling in my matters in the future.”

Chester said hoarsely, “You could’ve refused Josh’s endorsement if you’re so desperate not to get involved with me.”


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