Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2768

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2768 – Upon hearing that, Charity raised her head and gave Steven a complicated gaze. “Don’t tell Max.”

Steven was confused. “Why?”

“He has his own matters. Don’t keep troubling him,” Charity said with a stern expression. “I know you two have a close brotherly relationship, but since you’re here to protect me, you just have to do your job. You don’t have to tell him everything in detail.”

Steven felt awkward.

He did tell Max many things.

Max knew what Charity did every day very well.

“Steven, I know Max is concerned about me.” Charity softened her tone. “He has always treated me well, but everyone has their privacy. Besides, his duty is to protect the prime minister. It’ll affect his promotion if he keeps worrying about my issues.”

“I understand.” Steven put on a serious expression. “I’ll take note in the future.”

“In the meantime, get two more bodyguards with good skills. It’s impossible for you not to have any connections in the industry.”

“Okay. I’ll look for people now.” Steven nodded.

On the top floor of Janee Group.

A hardcover book came flying at Monte once he entered. It hit his head, causing it to swell on the spot.

“What are you doing? Are you trying to hit your son to d***h?” Madam Patterson glared at Mr. Patterson. She wanted to go and check on her son’s condition. However, she had heard that Monte might have been infected with HIV, so she held herself back.

“If he wasn’t my only child, I’d hit him to d***h now.” Mr. Patterson pointed at Monte angrily and scolded, “I did an investigation. The woman you slept with is a p********e. Anyone can have s*x with her for 100 dollars. She does have HIV. I think you most probably have it too.”

Monte’s face was pale. “Dad, I was set up by Eliza.”

“I told you to behave yourself after getting engaged, but you didn’t listen!” Mr. Patterson said furiously. “She even dared to mess with Chester. You should’ve been cautious. That woman isn’t to be underestimated. You abandoned her back then, so she must’ve held a grudge.”

Monte had an ashen face.

He did not understand.

The Eliza he knew in the past was not like that. She was kind and could not even bear to k**l a fish.

Eliza loved him so much.

“We have to avenge Monte,” Madam Patterson said angrily. “We must make her life a living h**l.”

“It’s not that easy.” Mr. Patterson glared at her. “I’ve looked into Eliza. Not only is she the new president of Neeson Corporation and the major shareholder of Ferra Film Group, but she has also recently become Jewell Corporation’s shareholder. Even Chester can’t go against her.

Monte was puzzled. “This… How can this be? She’s just an ordinary girl. If it weren’t for me, she couldn’t even have joined the entertainment industry.”

“You stupid thing. That only means that you don’t understand her enough.” Mr. Patterson let out a hmph. “Since she caused you to be infected with HIV, she has to take responsibility for this. If not, the Patterson family won’t let her off the hook.”


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