Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2761

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2761 – “It’s because Monte carried you into the room.” Chester smiled wildly. “I’m the only one who can touch your shoulders.”

Charity’s head began to hurt. “Chester, you’re drunk.”

“Yes, I am.” Chester bent over and lowered his head. As he whispered, his breath caressed her ear. “When I heard other people saying that Monte had taken you to the top floor for dinner, I would’ve f*cking chopped Monte off if I hadn’t made myself blind drunk. How dare that b*stard touch my woman. Even if it was just an act, I could hardly tolerate it.”

Charity tilted her head imperceptibly, revealing the grand diamond necklace around her neck.

Chester shifted his eyes down her neck and caught sight of the necklace.

He gently caressed the diamond pendant and asked with a hoarse voice, “Was it from Monte?”

Charity was speechless.

“Or was it from Max?”

“What does it have to do with you?” Charity could not be bothered to get herself involved with a drunkard.

Chester tugged the diamond necklace hard with his finger, and it broke.


The tugging had left a red mark at the back of Charity’s neck.

Fuming, she stretched out her hand and pushed him away. Nevertheless, he did not move a muscle. He may be drunk, but his body was like an iron wall.

“I’ve hurt you.” Chester gently touched the back of her neck. From his eyes, he looked drunk, but his tone was so soft that it could d***n her in it. “I didn’t mean it, but I couldn’t control myself. It’s not my fault you’re so close to Monte and Max.”

Chester’s behavior angered Charity. “Chester, are you done? Didn’t I make our relationship clear? If you really feel guilty toward me, please leave me alone. You’re a man. You need to keep your word.”

However, Chester did not say anything.

All he did was stare at the woman caught in the middle.

Her familiar gaze, beautiful lips, and familiar fragrance…

Chester felt miserable and indescribable pain.

“What if I said I regret it?” Chester suddenly asked with a low voice.

“What’s the point of regretting it?” Charity raised her head and looked at him. “In that case, I regret coming to Canberra back then. I regret knowing you, Shaun, and the rest. I regret falling in love with you. However, nothing can turn back time. If you still feel upset and dissatisfied, please endure it.”

“Suppress?” Chester suddenly clenched his fists. “I tried to endure it, but I’m afraid I’ll go mad.”

Charity laughed sarcastically. “When I was in love with you back then, you were together with other women and even slept with them. Yet, there was nothing I could do other than endure it. When I was in j**l, I felt frustrated and helpless at being accused, but all I could do was endure it. When my parents died, I had the urge to d*e too, but all I could do was endure it. I’ve endured so many things, but why can’t you do it?”

Chester was stunned, and his Adam’s apple bobbed in agony.

Yes. If Charity could endure it all back then, why not him?

It turned out that enduring something was agonizing.

“I’m sorry, Charity.” Chester’s eyes reddened. Then, he moved closer to her and leaned his head against the wall. “I know full well that I’ve hurt you too much and made you suffer a lot, but please give me one more chance. You want to expand Neeson Corporation, don’t you? Let me help you. Do you want Jewell Corporation? I can give it to you. I can also give you my life.”

“Chester, I can bring Neeson Corporation back to life even without you. What’s more, if Neeson Corporation can’t survive, I won’t force it to happen. I took over Neeson Corporation to k**l time. As for Jewell Corporation…”

Charity paused for a moment. “I don’t really care about it either. Now that I’m rich, why do I need so much money?”

“You can be angry with me.” Chester said anxiously, “Given that I’m so sc*mmy and that I’ve hurt you so much, are you sure you want to let me off just like that? You should strip me of everything. This way, you’ll feel much better.”

Charity was helpless. “If I take revenge against you, the deeper the feud will be between us. Do you get it? I just want to stay away from you.”


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