Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2751

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2751 – Charity grabbed her leather bag and threw it hard at Manager Green’s face.

The fatty flesh on his face trembled from anger. He stretched his hand to hit her.

Suddenly, a strong hand reached around him from behind and gripped his wrist.

“You have a d***h wish…” When Manager Green turned his head, the person behind him threw a strong punch in his face.

Manager Green had a sturdy physique, standing at six feet tall and weighing 176 to 186 pounds. Even so, he flew three feet away from that punch.


Manager Green cursed and stood up. He glared at the person who punched him with a fierce expression.

Which b*stard dared to hit him? He would make that person pay.

However, Manager Green immediately grew timid when he saw the muscular and towering man in front of him clearly.

Although the young man in front of him was not as large as him, he had a feeling that he was not that guy’s opponent just by looking at his rolled-up sleeves, tightened muscles, and sharp gaze.

“F*ck? Who are you scolding?”

Max grabbed Manager Green’s collar and kneed him hard in the small abdomen.

Manager Green howled in pain.

“Were you thinking of hitting her face just now?”

Max raised Manager Green’s chin and slapped him twice in both directions. “F*ck. This is my first time slapping someone, so it wasn’t up to standard. I’m sorry.”

When Manager Green opened his mouth, two teeth fell out.

“Alright. Stop fighting,” Charity said softly.

Max halted his movements right away. He released Manager Green and glanced at him meanly. “You got lucky.”

Manager Green was on the verge of tears.

Was this considered lucky?

He was unlucky, okay!

Manager Green only dared to launch an a****k after seeing Charity’s two bodyguards leaving early with his own eyes. However, a stronger person appeared out of nowhere, and his fists were like hammers.

Charity walked up to Manager Green and looked down at him haughtily from above.” Ask yourself this. The company allocated funds to sponsor at least four or five athletes annually. You were the one who picked those athletes, and you said that they were talented and hardworking athletes. In the end, none of them got an Olympic gold medal. They didn’t even qualify for the Olympic games. Don’t treat others as fools.”

“You…” Manager Green wanted to scold her, but he held back after seeing Max at the side. “I’m wrongly accused, President Neeson. This is like a gamble. There are too many people sponsoring popular athletes, so I wanted to bet on those unpopular but talented ones. Who knew… I did everything for the sake of the company.”

“Yes. You did it for the company. The athletes you chose are all driving Porsches and eating luxurious foods. Even you’ve switched to a car that’s worth a few million dollars. You can say that the athletes have always been rich, but information shows that those athletes came from families with average income. Some of them even came from the countryside. Are the benefits from the Australian Sports Commission so good now?”

Charity sneered. “Initially, I only planned on firing you. Since you can’t recognize my good intentions, don’t blame me for calling the police.”

“Call the police?” Manager Green’s expression turned awful. “Why are you calling the police? I didn’t break any laws.”

“You wanting to hit me just now doesn’t break any laws.” Charity raised her eyebrows. “As for my friend, he was just exercising self-defense. Let me tell you another thing. I don’t know what agreement you have with those athletes in private, but your behavior has constituted an embezzlement crime. You deliberately broke the law and didn’t even think of restraining yourself. Don’t blame me for not being nice.”

After she spoke, she turned and walked to the side while calling the police.

Manager Green’s gaze was hostile.

He wanted to go after Charity, but with Max staring at him like a tiger at the side, he could only clench his fists with hatred in his eyes.

Afterward, Max got into the driver’s seat. After Charity ended her call, he said, “Do you need my help? I…”


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