Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2748

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2748 – “Besides, even if you want to meddle in these matters, you don’t have the ability to do so.” Chester gave Hunter an indifferent sidelong glance.

Hunter’s face flushed red from anger. “No matter how incapable I am, you wouldn’t have been born into this world if it weren’t for me.”

“If it weren’t for me, Jewell Corporation would’ve gone bankrupt long ago,” Chester reminded again.

Hunter was exasperated. “You unfilial son. Other people have filial sons. Look at yourself. The only thing you haven’t done is not treat me as your father.”

“It’s not your first day knowing I’m a scumbag,” Chester spoke lazily, looking utterly reckless.

Hunter was speechless.

Chester could even brazenly scold himself a scumbag. What else could he say?

“Chester, I really don’t know why you’ve become like this,” Hunter said sullenly. “At the very least, you grew up in a family with a strong financial background. You didn’t lack clothes or food. You wore branded items that people envied. When you’re outside, you’re the grand Young Master Jewell.”

Chester let out a snort. “I was well-off when I was young. I ate good food and wore good clothes, but I just ended up being your and Mom’s punching bag. You’ve grown old. Your memory is so bad that you’ve forgotten things so quickly. If something went wrong for you when handling company matters back then, you’d start beating me after returning from the company whenever you found any part of me unpleasant.”

Hunter was stunned. Then, he felt awkward. “I was too tired because of work at that time, and you wouldn’t stop crying when I got back home. I was just irritated.”

“Yeah. I accidentally fell and cried from the pain, but it made you annoyed. I was hungry and tired from exercising, so I wanted to eat something to fill my stomach. You didn’t allow me to eat snacks. I had no choice but to hold it in, and I was uncomfortable because of the hunger. Just like that, I became your punching bag again.” Chester sneered. “Should I wait until you grow old one day and beat you up if I find your crying irritating when you fall or get hungry?”

“How can a son hit his father? You unfilial son! Be careful of getting struck by lightning.”

Hunter was utterly shameless despite Chester’s stare. He turned and left furiously.

Chester snorted as he lit a cigarette and held it in his mouth.

He suddenly found things boring.

After smoking a cigarette, he asked Ken to call Attorney Larsen over.

Half an hour later, Attorney Larsen appeared in the office. “President Jewell, you called me over to-“

“I have 20 percent of shares in my hands. I want to give Eliza 10 percent as a gift.” Chester threw his share certificate in front of him.

Attorney Larsen was dumbfounded. He thought he was hallucinating. “As a… gift?”

He stammered.

“Mm.” Chester released a mouthful of smoke, and his expression was languid.

Attorney Larsen eyed him secretly. “Are you… President Jewell?”

“What do you mean?” Chester flicked off some ashes.

“This is Jewell Corporation’s shares. 10 percent of it is worth tens of billions of dollars.” Attorney Larsen l****d his lips and said, “You’re even giving the shares away as a present. Have you been cursed by Eliza?”

He would have believed it if it were other people. However, it was Chester.

He was an extreme egoist and a very selfish person.

Would he do that kind of thing?

“I’m fine.” Chester glanced at Attorney Larsen coldly. “Do as I said. I owe Eliza this. This matter is between us. You don’t have to ask anything more.”

Attorney Larsen said, “Even if you k****d her parents, you still don’t have to compensate this much.”


Chester slapped his hands on the table and stood up. The hostility in his eyes grew. “Just do as I told you. Why are you talking nonsense?”


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