Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2743

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2743 – Although Doctor Jewell was usually gentlemanly, he was also famous for being cold-blooded in the hospital.

There used to be many pretty female doctors who wooed him.

However, Chester would simply say heartlessly with a smile on his face, “If you’re presenting yourself to me to have s*x with me, I’ll consider it as long as you don’t have a disease and if you’re beautiful and unrestrained enough. Nevertheless, if you want me to like you and take responsibility, that’s… impossible.”

In private, everyone said to not fall in love with someone like Chester because he was heartless and would never fall in love with any woman.

It was said that the previous hospital director’s daughter had loved Chester to the extent she jumped off a building.

Even so, Chester remained indifferent.

Over time, people in the hospital no longer dared to have the wishful thinking of winning over Chester’s heart. Some people still liked him, but they only admired him and had a crush on him.

The nurse truly found it surprising to hear him calling someone else’s name while seeing him in his drunken state.

Even Ken, who stood at the side, found it unexpected.

He had been following Chester for 10 years. He frequently saw him indulging in pleasure. All sorts of beautiful women had come and left his side.

Would Chester be troubled by love?


It was absurd.


Chester did not know how long he slept. When he woke up, his surroundings were white, and there was an empty IV bag hanging above him.

He felt uncomfortable all over. He wanted to throw up, but he could not vomit anything out.

His stomach hurt like it was in knots.

However, he did not want to move. He simply wanted to lie down quietly.

“You’re awake.” Shaun’s voice rang beside Chester’s ears. “Have some oatmeal. If you don’t eat something now, you might go straight to heaven.”

“Thank you, but you’re overestimating me. A scumbag like me doesn’t deserve to go to heaven. I’ll be going to h**l if I d*e.”

Chester spoke self-deprecatingly. His throat was utterly hoarse.

“There’s nothing wrong with you… Right?” Shaun eyed him closely. His handsome face was puzzled.

“There’s something wrong with me, and it’s serious. You can take my body and dissect it,” Chester said in a low voice. “Let my body contribute to humanity.”

“You’re really in a serious condition.” Shaun sighed and shook his head. “Did you know that you had a bleeding in your stomach last night? If Ken hadn’t found you and sent you to the hospital, were you planning on drinking yourself to d***h? You haven’t gone to the company for two days. You were just released from p****n not long ago, and many of Jewell Corporation’s matters are waiting for you to be handled. If you keep delaying things, Jewell Corporation’s resources will be snatched by other hospitals.”

“Tell me, why am I earning so much money?” Chester stared at the ceiling while lying down. He suddenly laughed. “You can still f*cking spend it on your wife and children, but what about me? Give it to my parents? They’ll probably pass away earlier than me. Besides, the money I’ve earned for them is already enough to last them a few lifetimes.”

“You should quickly find a woman, get married, and have children, then. You’re still young. It’s not like you can’t have children.”

Shaun said sarcastically, “With your capability, you can make a soccer team a year later by having s*x with one woman daily. When you reach 100 years old and d*e, you’ll have not just 60 or 70 children and grandchildren, but 80 or even 100 of them. It’ll definitely be a very grand sight.”

Chester was at a loss for words for a moment. After some time, he said powerlessly, “I only want her to give birth to my children in this world, but… It’s impossible. It’ll never happen.”


After being astonished for a few seconds, Shaun extended his hand to touch Chester’s forehead.

Chester said, “What are you doing?”

“I’m checking if you have a fever. This can’t be. Are you someone who’d be troubled by love?” Shaun found it unbelievable. “Don’t you look down on women? Don’t you think that no woman in the world is good enough for you?”


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