Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2736

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2736 – “Do you know what’s the most worthless thing in the world? The word ‘sorry’.”

Charity said impassively, “You’re not the kind who’d apologize, so there’s no need to do so. It’s pointless.”

“All I want is a definite answer. Is it so difficult?”

Chester’s tall physique froze. There was a sense of fatigue and helplessness in his voice. “If you insist, I’ll have no choice but to hand the documents I have to the relevant department.”

“What do you mean?” Charity narrowed her eyes.

“It’s simple. Your identity is suspicious.”

Chester’s thin lips curled into a smile. “Eliza, as a woman from a small town, claimed to be Reborn. But when the first time Reborn showed up in the States, the surveillance footage showed that Eliza and her friend were watching a movie together in Adelaide. Plus, Eliza had never taken any finance-related tests or qualifications. She didn’t even have any relevant self-learning experience. Now, suddenly, she has become the world-renowned Reborn and even the new shareholder of Jewell Corporation. What do you think people would say about that?”

Charity’s expression gradually turned grave.

Chester’s gaze darkened. “I, as the person in charge of Jewell Corporation, suspect your identity, so I can report it to the relevant department. Don’t you think they will suspect that you k****d the real Eliza and that you’re… using Eliza’s appearance to come to Australia as a spy with an ulterior motive?”

As he spoke, he slowly straightened his body and retreated. “You have to understand that some things can be exposed easily. If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try.”

As Charity exchanged glances with him, her eyes gradually turned cold.

However, Chester continued to look straight into her eyes.

He admitted that he was despicable and shameless, but he just wanted to make things clear.

He just wanted her to tell the truth.

He used to stand in front of Charity’s cenotaph, wondering countless times how great it would have been if Charity were still alive…

There was a huge hole in his heart, one that Charity made.

In this life of his, she was the only one who could fill it.

“So what if I’m Charity? And so what if I’m not? What does it have to do with you?” In the end, Charity asked indifferently, “Who are you to me?”

Who was he to her?

Following that question, a look of shock flashed in Chester’s eyes. Somehow, he felt an unknown sense of confusion in his chest.

Charity leaned backward and felt as though she was completely relaxed. “Or do you think you can feel slightly less guilty knowing I’m Charity? Oh. When you think about Charity, you wonder, ‘So what if I misunderstood her? So what if I was the one who sent her to j**l? So what if she d*****d in the sea? In the end, she’s alive. See how well G*d has taken care of her. Despite d******g in the sea, she managed to come back with her soul and wake up in her best friend’s body. A lot of people hope that they’re bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster.””

“No, no. That never crossed my mind.”

Chester denied it. Even his voice became tense and anxious.

“In that case, it means I’m overthinking things.” Charity’s red lips curled into a smile. “Don’t you feel guilty at all? You really are the cold-blooded and cruel Young Master Jewell.”

Chester’s expression changed a little. Having stayed awake the entire night, he looked like a sad mess. He was not as sophisticated as he usually looked. “Charity, I do feel guilty toward you. After Sarah’s evil deeds were exposed, I realized I owe you way too much. I’m really happy that you can continue your life this way.”

“You may be pleased, but I’m not.”

Charity leaped to her feet, and her eyes were filled with hatred.


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