Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2733

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2733 – “I had someone check the address of the hotel Reborn stayed in that year. Coincidentally, Charity appeared in that hotel too.”

A mix of emotions then revealed in Chester’s gaze, and it even carried a sense of uneasiness. “However, Charity is already d**d. So, who’s the Reborn now?”

“Are you trying to say that I’m impersonating Reborn? This is merely your speculation, and you don’t have any credible evidence.” After hearing that, Charity secretly sighed. Her appearance in the States back then and her overseas qualifications were not confidential, so anyone could easily find out.

“By piecing many coincidences together, my speculation will slowly point to the truth.” Chester, on the other hand, did not agree with her.

He subconsciously wanted to take out a cigarette because his heart was racing madly at that point.

However, only when he took out the cigarette pack did he realize it was empty.

“Don’t smoke in my office. I don’t like it to be filled with the smell of smoke,” Charity said with a trace of disgust in her eyes.


Chester pressed both hands on the office desk while staring deep into her eyes. “I didn’t sleep last night. I spent the whole night watching the movies you’ve acted in before and after you attempted s*****e to see if there was a difference.”

Charity’s heart immediately did a flip, but her face did not betray her feelings. “This is normal. I hadn’t experienced many things before my s*****e attempt. Do you expect me to be as innocent, kind, silly, and naïve as before after being on the verge of d***h?”

She looked at him with a derisive expression.

“Yeah. After being on the verge of d***h, your personality changed, you lost your memory, and you even changed your lifestyle, as well as eating habits.”

There was a hint of mockery in Chester’s deep voice. “I’ve asked Shedrick and Hailey. When you woke up, you didn’t even know who you were. You didn’t know who Hailey was as well. You used to enjoy eating desserts and always needed your manager and assistant to keep an eye on you. But after that, you stopped eating desserts. Instead, you started liking spicy food, Japanese cuisine, French cuisine, and fondue when Eliza, who grew up near the coastal area, liked to eat Spanish cuisine.”

“So? What are you trying to say?” Charity raised her head and looked at him.

Their eyes were one head apart from each other.

It was as if they were playing chess, and the one who showed their weakness first would lose.

“Regarding your memory, the doctor said you suffered a huge trauma, so that was why you had selective amnesia. However, why can lifestyle and eating habits change too? Eliza came from a small town. Before she attempted s*****e, she acted in roles that portrayed a beautiful young lady who was kind and humble, and her acting skills were mediocre. But after you woke up, your acting skills suddenly improved without training. Not only can you act well in roles involving relationships but also wicked and crazy roles. You can act so well as a rich young lady or even someone of low status. What’s more, you won the award for being the most well-liked actress.”

Chester paused for a moment before he tugged at the collars of his pajamas. At last, he said with a low voice, “It’s simple. You’re not the real Eliza. In other words, Eliza died when she attempted s*****e.”



D**d silence filled the air.

Charity blinked and suddenly laughed as if she had heard a joke. “Young Master Jewell, are you out of your mind? If I’m Eliza, who am I? A ghost? You’re a doctor, yet you fell for such a thing.”

“Perhaps you’re a ghost.”

Chester said by enunciating each word, “I found out that the day Charity escaped p****n and went missing was close to when you attempted s*****e.”

Charity did not blink. “Are you saying I’m now Charity?”


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