Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2722

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2722 – Only after Monte left did Hugo only dial Catherine’s number. “Miss Jones, the fish has taken the bait.”

“That’s good. Thank you, Young Master Jeffs.”

“No worries. It’s my honor to be able to work with you.” Hugo did not forget about his father calling him last night, saying that they had successfully achieved a partnership with the Costner family. His father was so ecstatic that he even showered Hugo with praises.

Hugo had not been praised like that by his father for a long time.

“Don’t say that. The entertainment activities in Neah Bay and Newcastle are similar, so having a partnership will only make our businesses grow bigger,” Catherine said and smiled. “We’ll still be counting on you after this.”

“It’s fine. Once Monte starts his operation, I’ll hand you the related information. When that time comes, you guys will be the ones to report it to the police.”

“Thank you.”

After the call ended, Hugo lit a cigarette in a good mood.

He did not expect that coming to Canberra would get him such surprising gains.

Although he had known Monte for many years, they were not exactly good friends.

At first, Monte offered many benefits to him, and he was hesitating whether to work with the Patterson family or not. Unexpectedly, he got acquainted with Catherine and the others through Monte.


What was more surprising to him was how close Catherine and Eliza were to each other. Then, through Catherine, he found out that Eliza was Jewell Corporation’s shareholder and that Eliza was the famous Reborn.

The people of Australia were probably not familiar with the name Reborn. However, that name was well-known to those who had studied abroad in the US.

Thinking back, Hugo found Monte pretty ridiculous to have given up on a girlfriend like Reborn and chose the daughter of the Tanner family, who only knew how to spend money lavishly.

Furthermore, he could not believe that Monte actually thought Eliza had not gotten over him.

Ha! Monte was still oblivious to Eliza wanting to ruin the Patterson family for revenge.

However, that woman was quite ruthless.

All Monte did was dump her, yet Eliza wanted to put him in j**l and go bankrupt.

Tsk. Men had better stay loyal to their women.


At the hospital, Chester and the hospital director walked out of the meeting room.

“Young Master Jewell, go back and study this brain surgery thoroughly,” the director said resignedly. “I know you’re busy lately, but you’re probably the only person in the hospital who can complete this surgery now.”

“I can take this surgery, but there is only 10 percent certainty of success. Be clear with the patient’s family on this.”

After that, Chester happened to see Doctor Levin from the psychiatric department walking over.

“Doctor Levin, can we have a word?” Chester asked politely.

Doctor Levin quickly walked to the side with Chester. “What would you like to ask, Young Master Jewell?”

Facing Doctor Levin’s wrinkly face, Chester cleared his throat awkwardly. “Is it a psychological issue if a woman resists the touch from the opposite s*x and is completely uninterested in “that” after getting hurt by her ex-boyfriend?”

Doctor Levin’s gaze became pensive.

What great stamina President Jewell had!

He had just been released from p****n, yet he already had a new target.

Young people were indeed full of vigor.

“Does this woman act the same way to everyone, or only just toward … you- No. I mean, does she treat other guys the same way?” Doctor Levin bit the bullet and asked.

Chester was thick-skinned, and he did not care what Doctor Levin was thinking. “She treats all men the same way. She doesn’t want to be in a relationship or have a child.”

“Maybe she has experienced an adverse stimulus that caused her to have been traumatized by relationships, and as a result, she has completely lost interest in men. The best is to bring her here for a checkup to see if it’s severe. If it isn’t serious, I suggest she watch more positive romance films to change her mindset and make her think that not all men are sc*mbags.”


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