Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2719

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2719 – Charity was stunned. However, probably because she did not have a good sleep and had a headache, she rolled her eyes at Chester. “You’re lucky I didn’t make you pay for staying overnight, and now you ask me to prepare breakfast for you? Are you out of your mind?”

Then, she stacked the pancakes and placed them on the plate before bringing the food to the dining room with some milk for breakfast.

Chester gnashed his teeth. While watching her eat with relish, he was also a little hungry. “Where are your other pancakes? I’ll make one on my own. I’ll pay you, okay?”

“It’s in the second row of the freezer.” Charity munched her food and thought for a moment before she responded.

Chester promptly took out a pancake and made it. After that, he shamelessly took a bottle of milk from the fridge. “Oh, Lizzie, pass me your contact number, and I’ll transfer the money to you.”

Charity took out her phone, tapped on it for a while, and showed him a QR code with 23 dollars. “Just scan it.”


Chester’s face sank. “Would you d*e giving me your contact number?”

“No, but I don’t see the need to be involved with you anymore.” Charity looked at him seriously. “Chester, you may have said many things to me yesterday, and I admit that I don’t hate you as much as I did in the past, but we can never get together.”

“Is it because I forced myself upon you?” Chester asked.

“That is one of the reasons. Have you seen a woman who ended up falling in love with her rapist? Another reason is Charity.”

Charity paused for a moment and frowned before saying, “Plus, I feel disgusted by the things I hate. I probably won’t get married or get a boyfriend for the rest of my life.”

Stunned, Chester’s nice, thin lips parted a little.

He was really astounded by her remark. “Could it be that what I did to you… has traumatized you?”

“It’s fifty-fifty. Anyway, it puts me off.” Charity said indifferently, “Haven’t you experienced it too? If I don’t take the d**g, I’ll be in excruciating pain. You’re right in saying that I’m a rock.”


Chester gritted his teeth and snorted. “Earlier, you criticized me for being disgusting and claimed that I was bad in bed when, in fact, the problem lies in you and not me.”

“No. The problem lies in you too. You used to have a messy private life, and I’m afraid of contracting a disease. Besides that, I’m a clean f***k,” Charity said brutally.

“I’m fine. I don’t touch women who have contracted a disease.” Chester said with a grim expression, “I wasn’t even bothered by you and Monte’s past. Are you and I that different? We’re both not virgins. We have no right to look down on each other.”

“There is a difference between one and ten or twenty people. How are we the same?” A sarcastic look washed over Charity’s face. “Imagine yourself going out and a bunch of men secretly claiming that they’ve slept with Young Master Jewell’s woman. Tell me how you’d feel about it. I’m not public property.”

Chester was at a loss for words.


All of a sudden, he did not know how to react to it.

“Seriously, stop pestering me. I have severe disease.” Charity took a sip of milk impassively. “I’m a rock. I don’t like kisses or having s*x, no matter how you force me. As a man, you want a woman to take a d**g to prove yourself, huh? Don’t you think it’s humiliating?”

“But you and Max…”

“I treat him as my buddy.”


Chester surrendered. He had never surrendered to a woman like that before. “Eliza, if you’re not well, you can consult a psychologist. Do you have to put yourself into this situation just because Monte has hurt you?”


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