Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2716

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2716 – Charity was speechless.

“That’s if unless you don’t care.” Chester said icily, “The next day, I broke up with her. I made many nasty remarks to hurt her for the sake of keeping my dignity. Sarah had always badmouthed her in front of me, regardless of whether it was before or after the breakup, so as time passed, my hatred toward Charity grew stronger. I thought it was nonsense to call that true love. After all, she approached me all because of my status and wealth, and because of that, all women are no good.”


Charity was shocked for quite a while before she chuckled. “This is ridiculous. To you, Sarah was probably the best woman at that time. You believed everything she said, didn’t you?”

“Back then, I didn’t. But after seeing Charity hugging a man and entering the hotel, I started to believe Sarah.”

Chester curled her fingers in distress. “I must admit that Shaun, Rodney, and I let our guard down with Sarah. She deceived us so many times and made me misunderstand Charity. If you call me a sc*mbag, I won’t deny it.”

Under the warm yellow lights, there was hardly any emotion on the man’s handsome face. However, his eyes were filled with sadness, contempt, and loneliness.

“Honestly, I’ve done way too many evil deeds.”

Chester let out a derisive laugh, and the air was filled with the smell of nicotine. “I’ve been in j**l before, so why should I care if other people perceive me as a good or bad person? Having said that, I swear I’ve never forced myself upon other women except you. Other women did it voluntarily, and we each just took what we needed.

“In the beginning, I wanted to show respect for them, but they all approached me purely because of my money. They kept saying they loved me when, in fact, it was money over anything else.”

Chester sneered and looked down, his long lashes casting a shadow beneath his eyelids. “Over time, I looked down on all the women who approached me, but that’s okay. Everyone has their needs. I originally planned on marrying Cindy even though she was married before and has had a child because her blood is rare, and my mom needs it. When she agreed to our marriage, all she wanted was the identity of Madam Jewell. But once our engagement was exposed, she asked for many more things. She wanted my money, fame, status, and even wanted to control me.

“She even came to my office and pretended she was poor, saying she needed three million dollars to set up her business. Over the years, I’ve given her hundreds of millions of dollars, excluding houses and cars. She claimed to love me, yet she was unwilling to fork out three million dollars. I refused to give it to her, and she ended up asking for it from my mom.”

After that, Chester lifted his head and looked at Charity, who was standing at the side. “There are quite many women like Cindy. Eliza, I admit that I said some awful things when I was with you, but that was because you were very similar to the women I’ve been with before. That was why subconsciously, I was disgusted.”


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