Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2707

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2707 – After Attorney Larsen left, Chester quickly called Shaun. “Did Catherine sell Neeson Corporation to Eliza?”

“Huh?” Shaun was astonished. “So she’s selling it to Eliza.”

“Catherine didn’t tell you about such an important matter?” Chester said bluntly, “Shaun, your status in the family is unacceptable.”

“Now you know that I’m the lowest hierarchy.” Shaun sighed.

“Why did she sell it to Eliza?” Chester was curious.

“Maybe because Eliza and Charity were best friends. Cathy is usually busy. She has a few companies in her hands and can’t manage them all. Selling it is a good option.” Shaun made a guess. However, he felt depressed. Why did Catherine not tell him the truth in the morning? He would not say anything if he knew she was selling it to Eliza.

Chester was deep in thought.

As he was thinking, someone knocked on his office door.

“Let’s talk next time.” Chester put down the phone and raised his head. Cindy entered in a white dress while carrying a food container.

“Chester, this is the chicken soup your mom specially told me to bring you.” Cindy fiddled with the hair by her ears and said gently, “Your mom said you’ve been too tired lately and have gotten a lot thinner. You should replenish your nutrients.”

As she spoke, she opened the food container.

The fragrance of the soup wafted out.

“Since you’ve delivered the soup, you can go out,” Chester said indifferently.

Cindy bit her lip.

“Chester, I… I can’t get any film or advertisement offers lately. Even the songs I sang have been taken down from all major platforms. I haven’t had income for three months.”

Chester watched Cindy, who was in front of him. For some reason, Eliza’s face flashed across his head.

Cindy and Eliza were both Felix Media’s artists. One of them was Jewell Corporation’s shareholder. Even before then, Eliza did a great job in filming in the past. She was brave and sharp.

As for Cindy…

Aside from thinking of various ways to reap benefits from him, she did not know how to work hard.

When Chester recalled that he had almost married Cindy, he felt waves of disgust in his heart.

“I’ll have someone transfer one million dollars to you. It’s for your expenses for two months,” Chester said indifferently.

“Isn’t that… a little too less?” Cindy was slightly disappointed. “Actually, I’m planning to invest and open a cinema with my friends. We’ve even thought of a name. I want to have a career of my own. I can’t keep relying on you.”

“How much money do you want?” Chester lit a cigarette and asked coldly.

Cindy studied his expression. She could not grasp his thoughts. However, she really had not been earning anything. “Over three million dollars. The location we have our eyes on is more expensive. Its area is bigger too.”

“How should these three million dollars be counted? By how many times you’ll donate blood to my mom?” Chester took a drag on the cigarette. “We’re not even in a relationship. You can’t ask me to give you money without any reason, right? Three million dollars… Some people can’t even earn that much in their entire lives.”

Cindy was stunned. She did not expect Chester to be so particular about money.

When she donated blood to Madam Jewell in the past, Chester would agree to whatever conditions she gave.

Three million dollars was just like 30 dollars to him.

“Chester, why do we have to talk about money between us? I was so worried when you were in j**l. I took care of your mom like my own too. If she needs blood in the future, I’ll be there whenever I’m called,” Cindy spoke softly.

She was hoping Chester would be a little soft-hearted as he had suffered at the hands of Eliza. Besides, she had not left his side for these few months.


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