Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2705

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2705 – “What are you thinking? You didn’t wrong me in any way. It’s the opposite. You’ve helped me a lot,” Charity said in a serious tone.

“It’s fine, Charity. No matter how some things are explained, it’s a fact that besides Chester, Shaun was also involved in you going to p****n back then,” Catherine said honestly. “When you were sentenced, I truly couldn’t forgive Shaun. It was because of Chester’s, Rodney’s, and his stupidity that hurt you. However, I still forgave him a few years after you passed away. This matter has always been a thorn in my heart.

“Shaun caused Logan to lose a finger in the past. Ultimately, Shaun cut off his finger to compensate Logan. But what about your life? No one can pay that back even if your wrong accusations are cleared and you continue living in Eliza’s body. After all, who doesn’t want to use their own body?

“I’m thankful toward Eliza. If it were not for her giving up her life, you might’ve already died. Since Monte hurt her in the past, it’ll make my heart more at ease if I lend a hand in this matter.”

Charity went silent.

Although she had a good relationship with Catherine, she had to ask Catherine about her impression of Shaun. To be honest, Charity did not like Shaun.

It was because Shaun had believed in Sarah a lot back then.

When Charity knew that her parents passed away while she was in p****n, she placed Shaun, Chester, and Rodney on the top of her revenge list.

They could like someone, but why did they like her until they were blinded?

Catherine continued saying, “There’s one more thing. I heard that someone was trying to get information on Neeson Corporation’s situation. That person seems to intend to acquire it at a high price. That person is you, right?”


Charity did not know whether to cry or laugh.

Her best friend being too smart was a worry.

Charity had told Skyler to get information on Neeson Corporation’s situation some time ago. The result she got was that after Thomas sold the company, it ended up in Catherine’s hands after going through several people.

If Charity went to ask Catherine about it straight away, Catherine would surely not want her money. She would just give it to her.

Neeson Corporation was still worth 10 million dollars at the very least.

How could she just take it without doing anything?

Charity said in a serious manner, “To make a friendship long- lasting, I can’t keep taking advantage of you. Besides, I’m not short of money.”

“I don’t lack money either.”

“Cathy, think of it from a different position and in my shoes. Would you accept it for free?” Charity countered.

Catherine was at a loss for words.

After some time, she smiled bitterly. “Okay. I respect your decision. I have a contract here. You can give me the same amount I used to buy Neeson Corporation back then. We can go through the procedures if you’re not busy in the morning.”


Catherine hung up. After breakfast, she returned to the study to look for the document.

However, she could not find it even after looking for it for a long time.

“Wifey, what are you looking for?” Shaun, who had returned after sending the children to kindergarten, could not help but ask after seeing the study was messy from being searched.

“Where’s Neeson Corporation’s document?” Catherine asked.

“I placed it in the safe for you the last time.” Shaun found the document for her. “Why are you suddenly looking for it?”

“I’m selling it.”

Shaun was taken aback. “Why? Didn’t you buy it because of Charity? You said it was the only thing you could do for her.”


Catherine glanced at Shaun with complicated feelings.

She could not possibly tell him that Charity was not d**d, right?

That betrayer. He would most likely tell Chester about it the next second.

“After giving it some thought, I think I can’t manage it well. It has always been in the red. Instead of letting it continue like that, it’s better to sell it,” Catherine said. “I’ve already found a suitable buyer. Rest assured. Don’t worry about it.”


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