Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2687

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2687 – Chester spoke thoughtfully.

Ken said puzzledly, “I don’t know where Eliza found that kind of people and the group of people who kidnapped Sarah previously. They don’t seem ordinary.”

Chester thought of something. “Investigate Reborn. I need to know all the information about that person. Check her background and the first time she appeared. Investigate if anyone has taken photos of her true face overseas.”

“I heard that she’s very secretive. She had on a mask and sunglasses the few times she appeared…”

“Even the most careful can still make mistakes. As long as we’re willing to spend money and time, I don’t think we’ll be unable to find something.” Chester’s gaze darkened.

Ken said, “You suspect that she’s not the real Reborn. Actually, I find it unbelievable too. Her background and Reborn’s are completely unrelated.”

“That’s right. I think so too. Make a copy of Eliza’s information throughout these few years, including the films and dramas she took part in. Instead of her not being the real Reborn, I have a stronger feeling that she’s not the true Eliza.”

Chester said in a low voice, “Also, keep a close eye on Eliza. I need to know her next course of action.”

“Will she join hands with the shareholders and go against you?” Ken guessed out of worry.

“I don’t know.”

That answer made Ken stunned. It was the first time there was someone and something that even Chester could not see through.



After Charity got into her car, Della said, “After you went to have your meal just now, Mr. Sutton and Mr. Carlson made an excuse to ask for my number. They’re probably dissatisfied with Chester, but they don’t dare to make a move. Therefore, they want to cooperate with you.”

“They’re a bunch of cowards. They just want to use me to mess up Jewell Corporation and reap the benefits.” Charity smiled sarcastically.


“We can occasionally have a meal together. After all, I still need to use them to join the board of directors. However, I’m not interested in being in the limelight. My goal isn’t that,” Charity said indifferently.

Della smiled. “Of course. You already have 10 percent of Jewell Corporation’s shares. You even spent money and became a shareholder of one of Jewell Corporation’s new competitors, City Children’s Hospital. You’re now earning money from both sides. The scale of your assets can even surpass Chester’s within a few years. The people of Jewell Corporation most probably didn’t think of this.”

Charity did not say a word. There was no smile on her face. She simply looked outside the window.

So what if she earned more money? Could her parents come back? No.

Just as she was deep in thought, her phone rang.

It was Catherine who called. “Well, should I call you Eliza or Reborn? You’ve been hiding such deep secrets. You became Jewell Corporation’s shareholder so suddenly. Tell me, how many things are you still keeping from us?”

“I’m sorry.” There was an apologetic tone in Charity’s voice.

She trusted Catherine, but she did not trust Shaun.

She had to be cautious regarding her scheme against Chester. If it was leaked even the slightest, it would have failed.

Therefore, she kept it from Catherine and Freya.

“You don’t have to apologize. Actually, I can understand. If it were me, I would’ve done the same thing.” Catherine smiled. “It’s just… I always felt that I was your best friend and knew you well. I just realized that it isn’t true. I still have many, many doubts. Based on your background growing up, you can’t possibly be Reborn. Can you tell me about your money and identity?”

“I’ve been keeping things from you guys. Aren’t you afraid that I’m using you all?” Charity asked in a low voice.

“I don’t think you’ve used us for anything, right?” Catherine’s tone was teasing. She said honestly, “I just had a sense of indescribable familiarity when I saw you for the first time in court. I may not have told you before, but I sometimes feel like we might’ve known each other in our past lives. Maybe we were even good friends.”


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