Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2674

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2674 – Chester was at a loss for words.

“Keep it up. Work hard and be the pioneer. You might be able to go down in history, and many men will thank you,” Charity said with a sincere expression. Chester laughed in exasperation.

If he believed her, not only would the public lash out at him, but the Jewell family’s ancestors would also haunt him from the graves.

“Why are you laughing?” Charity blinked her eyes. “Do you not believe me or yourself? You believe you can dominate everything, don’t you? Something is right as long as you think it is. Similarly, something is wrong if you think it is. You think no one can turn against you, so what’s with fooling around with women? To you, they’re sl*ts who have no self-respect, and by fooling around with them, you show them the respect they need and think highly of them. Could it be that… you don’t even know what shame is?”

After uttering the last sentence, Charity paused for a moment. The last few words were like a tight slap in Chester’s face, and the pain was burning.

He tightened the grip on his hand, and the smile on his handsome face was replaced with infuriation.

“Fine, Eliza. You understand me very well, huh? In that case, why don’t you guess how I’ll treat you later?” Chester asked ferociously as he gnashed his teeth.

“I’ll play it by ear. Having said that, I never regret my actions.”

Charity’s pretty eyes were indifferent and cold.

The two of them were so close to each other that Chester’s figure reflected in her eyes. In the face of those courageous and familiar eyes, Chester let go of her hand. “Very well, Eliza. Remember what you said today.”

“I’ve always had a very good memory.” With that, Charity turned around without looking back and walked away elegantly in her high heels.

Chester stared at her back, his eyes filled with admiration, hatred, interest, excitement, and other emotions that he did not even realize.

No woman had ever piqued his interest that way.

It made him feel like torturing her slowly, yet he really wanted to press her down on the bed and conquer her.

Although he had once been with Eliza, he realized he had never truly had her.


After Chester arrived at the banquet that night, everyone started to be mindful of their behavior.

During the auction, Chester and Eliza were two seats away from each other.

Everyone was secretly watching the two of them more than paying attention to the auction.

The movie queen, who was seated between the two of them, secretly glanced at Charity, who was munching on nuts.

She admired Charity so much…

How was Charity in the mood to eat nuts at a moment like that?

She was no doubt the woman who sent Chester to j**l.

Just then, a famous painting was being auctioned on stage.

Charity suddenly raised her card. “Two million.”

Chester soon raised his card as well. “Five million.”

The audience gasped.

However, it was as expected of the Jewell family. Only a man with deep pockets could set a high price just like that.

Subsequently, the audience turned their eyes to Charity, who put down her card and continued munching on the nuts.

Cheser lifted his leg and looked at Eliza with a smile. “Are you not going to bid anymore?”

“It’s too expensive. I’m poor.” Charity shook her head calmly.


Despite having won, Chester suddenly felt that he did not experience the sense of thrill he expected.

What else could he say to her claiming she was poor in such self- confidence, unlike him, who was acting rich even though he was not?


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