Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2672

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2672 – “What does it have to do with you?” A nonchalant look washed over Charity’s face. She did not confess to her relationship with Monte, and neither did she deny it.

With this point, a trace of mystery crept up Monte’s mind.

“Eliza, let’s go.” Monte gently put his hand on Charity’s shoulder.

“Young Master Patterson, it seems that you want me to give the Tanner family a call.”

Chester took out his phone with a grin. “Coincidentally, I’m quite close with the head of the Tanner family. You’re flirting with other women behind their daughter’s back. Tsk, do you think you can maintain your marriage?”

A hint of anger flashed across Monte’s eyes.

Nevertheless, he could not do anything about it.

If the head of the Tanner family called his father, he would definitely be criticized severely. This would even cause tension between the Tanner and Patterson families.

“Young Master Patterson, you may leave first.” Charity moved away his hand that was on her shoulder. “There are many cameras here. Given that President Jewell has just gotten out of j**l, I believe he won’t dare to do anything to me.”

“Alright.” Monte was immediately given an out. However, he cast a warning glance at Chester before leaving. “President Jewell, our hotel isn’t a place where you can act unscrupulously. If something happens to Eliza here today, I’ll certainly cooperate with the police in the investigation if they come and look for me.”

With that, he left and walked away.

Chester disdainfully watched Monte leave. Then, he let out a sarcastic laugh. “Eliza, is this the man you’ve never been able to get over? He’s so-so. Tsk. I’m your enemy, yet he left you here just like that. Even his last warning was that he would cooperate with the police in the investigation. How ridiculous.”

“Is it ridiculous? I don’t think so.” Charity’s gaze was calm.

Seeing this, Chester stopped smiling. A sharp and playful look crossed his dark eyes. “So, Monte has become your new target after you took revenge against me, huh?”

“…I have no idea what you’re saying,” Charity said.

“Stop denying it.” Chester slowly strode toward her, and he could smell her feminine scent.

He suddenly noticed that the woman in front of her had cut her hair short. He had always disliked women with short hair. However, Charity was dressed up glamorously tonight, looking beautiful. She had white teeth and crimson lips. Her cold eyes with heavy makeup made her look bewitching.

A gleam flashed across his eyes before he said with a smile, “Look at yourself. You’re dressed up glamorously. It obviously means that you’re well prepared. Having dealt with you a few times, I believe that you’re not the kind who’ll backslide. But it’s a fact that Monte played with your feelings previously. You’ll definitely take revenge on him because of this. It’s impossible that you’ve forgiven him. It’s even more so impossible for you to become his lover.”

An idea crossed his mind.

Monte did not even deserve to have Eliza.

Despite the fact that Chester hated Eliza right now, it was undeniable that he admired her.

Charity lifted her head and met the man’s dark eyes. She could not help but sigh secretly. Although she resented Chester, she must admit that he understood her very well.

Nevertheless, she could not admit certain things.

“President Jewell, thank you for holding me with high regard. But I’m just a woman. I have emotions, and there are things I can’t get over.”

After Charity finished speaking, her eyes swept over Chester. “It looks like you lived quite well in p****n in the last three months, President Jewell. You look a lot sturdier.”

“Right. I toiled hard every day, and I’ve never had such an experience in my life. Thank you for allowing me to have such an unforgettable experience,” Chester said with a discreet smile. “But I missed you every day when I was in p****n. I came to meet you eagerly on the first day I was released from p****n.”


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