Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2670

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2670 – “You have a point there.”

Monte did not deny that point.

Eliza truly treated him well during their relationship.

However, Monte did not like being overly comfortable. When he did not have her, he itched for her.

However, he quickly got bored after having her. If it were not for his family urging him to get engaged afterward, he would not have been that firm with his breakup with Eliza.

Half an hour later, the charity event started.

Upon receiving the event flow from a waiter’s hand, Charity found a small card attached below it.

She opened it and had a look. The card wrote, ‘I’ll buy whatever you want for you later. Monte.’

A hint of sarcasm flashed across her eyes subtly.

After a short moment, Charity slipped the card into her handbag without a trace. Her gaze was calm.

Halfway through the auction, a ruby necklace by Jame was presented.

Once the bid started, a man in his 30s wearing a suit bid six million dollars right off the bat.

Charity glanced over indifferently. A top actress beside her who was an acquaintance went near her ear and said, “That must be President Patterson’s assistant. I heard President Patterson’s fiancee likes such necklaces a lot. In every auction event held in Canberra, such necklaces mostly went to President Patterson.”

“Really?” Charity’s gaze was indifferent. She did not know why the top actress suddenly told her all of this. Did she want to make her jealous on purpose?

The top actress saw that Eliza was uninterested. She smiled and said, “Don’t misunderstand. I just pity President Patterson a little. He has to spend seven to eight million dollars on his fiancee every month. There are also jewelry pieces that cost tens of millions of dollars. I guess he must have a headache as well. After all, President Patterson hasn’t inherited his family business. Eldest Young Lady Tanner is famous for spending lavishly. I heard she spends 300 million dollars of her family’s money in a month. The Tanner family must be exasperated.”

Charity got curious. “Is she able to earn money herself?”

The top actress looked like she had heard a joke. “She’s a vice president in the Tanner family’s company, but she’s just a figurehead. Usually, she’d go overseas to attend fashion shows or travel with her friends. That’s why some people have been truly fortunate since their birth. However, men will probably get a headache if they’re to marry that kind of woman.”

Charity simply smiled without commenting.

In the middle of the auction, she stood up to go to the bathroom.

After coming out, Monte was leaning against the wall in a wine-colored suit with his hands in his pockets. His figure was tall, and there was a smile that could charm all women on his handsome, elegant face.

Charity had to admit that Monte indeed had good looks. He had the ability to make the previous Eliza fall head over heels for him.

“Have you thought of what you want?” Monte stood straight and walked toward her. His eyes were overflowing with gentleness and sweetness.

Charity sighed mentally. She had a similar fate to Eliza. They both had the tendency to meet scumbags.

They were to blame for not being able to resist the men’s looks.

“What if I say I want to have Jame’s ruby necklace?” Charity raised her head. There was a hint of a tease in her pretty, cold eyes.

Monte did not get angry upon hearing that. Instead, he got interested. “Are you jealous?”

Charity’s lips twitched. She was a little disgusted.

“Babe…” Monte suddenly approached her. His lips stopped near her ears. He called her softly with a husky and low voice.


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