Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2662

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2662 – “Chester will definitely be furious.” Freya found it simply satisfying. “But then again, it all seems a little coincidental. Someone shorted Jewell Corporation’s stocks while problems occurred in the j**l, and visits aren’t even allowed. It’s scary now that I think about it.”

“This can only mean that… too many people have their eyes on the valuable Jewell Corporation.”

Catherine poured some wine for Freya and Eliza after she spoke. “Lizzie, tell us about your life in Drildool. Look at you. You’ve gotten tanner.”

The topic quickly changed, and Charity started talking about the interesting things that happened in Drildool.

It was past 9:00 p. m. when Shaun gave Catherine a call, and only then did everyone get ready to go home.

“Shaun’s car is downstairs.” Catherine stood up. “He brought the children to a nearby theme park today before they care over. Maybe the children are sleepy and tired from all the playing.”

“Okay. I’m going in your direction, so I’ll get a ride from you.”

Freya stood up.

As the three of them walked out of the private room, Freya realized she had drank too much and needed to use the bathroom. “Wait for me.”

After Freya left, Catherine leaned against the wall. The corridor’s dim lights were fluttering, and it made her pretty eyes look hazy. “Lizzie, are you trying to ruin Jewell Corporation?”

“Hm?” Charity turned her head curiously and looked at Catherine. “Why do you say so?”

“From your trouble to Chester going to j**l and you donating a billion dollars to Jewell Corporation’s non-stop scandals, they all came one after another. The trigger of all of this was you.” Catherine’s gaze gradually turned complicated. “Actually, I’ve always thought of myself as smart, but I realize now that Freya and I might never have understood you as a person.”

“Cathy, everyone has their secrets. All you need to know is that I sincerely treat you and Freya as friends, and I’ve never thought of using you guys.” Charity smiled bitterly. She knew Catherine was sensitive enough to notice it.

“I’ve never suspected you.” Catherine sighed. “It’s just like when you were humiliated by Chester. You never told us any of those things. If you had told us, Freya and I would’ve done our best to help you. I’m just a little annoyed that we, as your friends, can’t be of help at all and can only watch as you fight alone and gather allies in secret.”

“It’s fine this way. This is between Chester and me. You shouldn’t put Shaun in a difficult position. Because of you, he had to watch Chester get sent into p****n, and he couldn’t even help him with the lawsuit.”

Charity smiled and patted Catherine’s shoulders. “It’s good enough.”

At that moment, Freya returned.

The three of them bid each other goodbye at the entrance.

Shaun, who was in the car, gave Charity a polite nod.

It was late at night when they arrived back at the manor.

After Shaun coaxed the children back to their rooms, Catherine came out from a shower. Her fair little face looked charmingly rosy probably from the bath or the wine she drank. Under the yellow lights, her eyes were seductive, and there was an enchanting fragrance emanating off her skin.

The man’s eyes darkened.

Without another word, Shaun lifted her bridal style to the bed and pressed himself on top of her.

“Shaun…” Catherine exclaimed. She reached out her hands to push him.

“Leave the talk for later.”

Shaun could not resist himself anymore as he lowered his head to k**s her.

The rationality in Catherine’s head immediately disappeared.

In the huge bedroom, things got steamy.


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