Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2661

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2661 – When Max saw Charity’s expression change, he quickly said, “What sister-in-law? She’s my sister, you know? My boss, my master.”

Charity was speechless.

“Alright, Max. Go and do your work.” Steven was not inexperienced in relationships, so he knew that his brother, Max, was most probably still in the courting phase.

“Get lost.” Charity nearly kicked Max.

“Okay. I’ll get lost immediately.” Max smiled as he turned around and got in the jeep.

Charity stood at the side of the mountain road and watched as the car left a trail of dust and smoke along the S-shaped road.

Her dark eyes were filled with confusion

When Eliza left in her dreams, she said she was still clinging to something.

Clinging to something…

It turned out that Eliza had never let go of some things.

Upon returning to the rundown manor, Charity received a call from Skyler. “Lizzie, good news. The tourism board wants to have you as an ambassador, and these endorsements are on the national level. The endorsement fee isn’t high, but it’s a meaningful job. Should I accept it for you?”

“No.” Charity refused right away. “I won’t participate in any activities relating to the entertainment industry.”

“We didn’t have any choice before, but everyone’s begging for you to return now,” Skyler said regretfully. “You can invest in Ferra Film Group as a major shareholder while accepting a few advertisements to earn some side income and widen your connections. Many experienced actors do this too.”

“There’s no need for that. I’m planning to start a company,” Charity said.

“Start… Start a company?” Skyler was dumbfounded. “But… you don’t have any experience in being a boss. Starting a company isn’t that easy.”

“It’s okay. In the meantime, have President Quimby get me information on Neeson Corporation’s situation.” Eliza gave instructions to carry out her ideas.

Skyler soon relayed Eliza’s message to Levi. “President Quimby, why don’t you persuade Lizzie? I know she’s rich, but earning money isn’t easy. She’s too young. She’s only 24.”

“24?” Levi was stunned for a moment before he suddenly laughed bitterly. He had been working with Eliza for quite some time now that he had forgotten her actual age.

“Yes, 24 years old.” Skyler nodded. “That’s too young. She might not be able to convince other people.”

“Look at the things she’s done. She has even put the cunning Chester into p****n. Does she seem like an immature person to you?” Levi countered.

Skyler was taken aback. “But…”

“Eliza isn’t as simple as you think.” Levi glanced at her indifferently. “You’re 22 years old. How much savings do you have? And how much does Eliza have? Don’t view Eliza with your standards. Just follow her dutifully. Being able to follow her is your honor.”

“I know that for sure.” Skyler nodded. If it were not for Eliza, a figure like Levi would never talk to her.

“Tell Eliza I’ll collect information on Neeson Corporation as soon as possible.”

Levi found it strange. Why would Eliza be interested in Neeson Corporation?

Neeson Corporation had been in a slump ever since Charity died. In the end, Thomas even sold it at a really low price.

A month later, Charity, who was far away in Drildool, received a mysterious call from Canberra.

“Reborn, I’ve done everything you’ve instructed me to.”

“No one noticed anything, right?” Charity asked coldly.

“No. Jewell Corporation’s scandals are being exposed one after another, and the authorities keep targeting investigations at Jewell Corporation. They’ve even penalized them with a fine of over a billion dollars. Hunter has his hands full while Chester is being heavily watched in j**l. He can’t even look at phones or the television, and no one is allowed to visit him. Chester can’t get first-hand information about the company at all.”

“That’s good. I’ll be back in another month.”

With that, Charity ended the call.


Canberra Airport.

Once the airplane landed, Charity exited the VIP lane with three bodyguards.

When a group of reporters outside saw her figure, they immediately surrounded her. “Lizzie, you’re finally back from Drildool. We heard you’ve funded the construction of more than ten schools and over 20 hospitals. In addition, you’ve also donated to the maintenance of the local roads. You must’ve had it tough during that time.”

Under the spotlights, Charity was wearing a light blue T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Her skin was not as fair as before, and her hair was cut short to the neck. With her side fringe shaping her pretty face, her beautiful appearance seemed very youthful and girlish.

“It was tough, but I’m happy to be able to help other people. It was a very fulfilling few months.”

Charity was natural and composed as she faced the media reporters, who could not help but sigh. To think that the woman before them had stirred up the calm in Australia’s medical industry.

“Eliza, are you really not planning to return to the entertainment industry? Many fans are waiting for you,” the reporters asked.

“No. I plan to do things I like in the future. I thank the support of my fans throughout these years, and I hereby apologize to them.”

After bowing sincerely, Charity left the airport.

The reporters only managed to take pictures of her back.

Charity appeared too suddenly and left too quickly as well. However, her news shocked the entertainment industry.

Many people found out Eliza had returned.

That was when everyone recalled that Chester seemed to be coming out of j**l soon too.


In an Italian restaurant.

Freya was holding the menu and ordering a generous amount of dishes. After that, she had the waiter serve them two bottles of fine wine. “I’ll treat you guys to this meal to celebrate Lizzie’s return. Eat all you want. Don’t be shy.”

“Don’t snatch this chance from me,” Catherine quickly said. “Lizzie, you’re finally back. Freya and I were very bored during the two months you weren’t here.”

“Oh, please. One of you has a boyfriend, while the other has a husband and children.” The corners of Charity’s lips curled into a grin upon hearing her best friends’ voices.

“It also gets boring seeing our boyfriend and husband every day,” Freya said with a smile. “How are things going? I heard Max went with you for a month. Is there any progress?”

“I’m not thinking of being in a relationship for now.” Charity changed the topic. “Chester is about to be released soon, right?”

“That’s right. I suddenly realize that three months is too fast. He should’ve been sentenced to j**l for three years,” Freya said with dissatisfaction.

“These three months must’ve felt like the longest period in Chester’s life.” Catherine gave Charity a profound glance. “Shaun visited Chester once shortly after he went into j**l. However, some commotion seemed to have occurred in the j**l afterward, and no one has been allowed to go to j**l for visits since two months ago.”

Charity’s eyes glinted, and Freya nodded. “I think I heard Ryan mentioning it once.”

“You might not know of this yet, but Jewell Corporation got tricked into short-selling some time ago.” There was a hint of playfulness in Catherine’s tone. “90 billion dollars was taken out of Jewell Corporation at once, and the perpetrator even managed to escape unscathed. Chester might not know this yet since he’s still in p****n.”


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