Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2651

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2651 – “I just made a police report a few days ago, saying that Chester wanted to m****r me. In fact, Chester’s people took me to his villa that day. I had a row with Chester and told him off. Actually, I found him particularly d***y when he touched me, and I had to use d***s every time. After I exposed this matter, he lost his dignity and started strangling my neck.

“If I hadn’t escaped from the villa and got rescued by a passerby, I wonder if I could survive and see you guys.

“Are you surprised? Yes, I was living in such h**l this year.

“If you don’t believe me, I have recordings. I’ve long since been prepared to expose this person’s true colors.

“If I’m not contactable after sending this video, don’t be surprised.”

Subsequently, Eliza played the recordings.

“Eliza, let me tell you that you’re an artist in our company. You’ve signed the contract. As an artist in our company, you should always prioritize the company’s and your employer’s interests. Think about it. What you have today was all given by the company. Let me advise you to take this 100 million dollars. Once things get better, the company will still give you a chance to make a comeback.”

“Don’t take me for a fool. Will it be that easy to make a comeback? Now that I’m an A-list artist, you’re taking full advantage of me. When things get better a few years later, I won’t be young anymore and you won’t be fond of me. Plus, there’s fierce competition in the company. There’s no hope for me to make a comeback.”

“You’re asking for d***h.”


“Who are you to break the things in my office? Didn’t I teach you a lesson last time? Let me warn you not to push your luck. If you offend me, I won’t allow you to make a comeback at all.”

“Don’t you feel any sense of guilt toward me?”

“What’s guilt? Who are you to make me feel guilty?”


Eliza played ten recordings

Some recordings contained Chester’s threats, including Chester calling Eliza despicable and a d**d fish. His masculine voice might sound indifferent, but it was extremely nasty.

After the videos and recordings were disclosed, the whole of Australia was staggered.

[D**n. Is Chester a human? He forced Eliza but called her despicable. People like him should go and d*e.]

[Rodney was the scumbag previously, but he was scummy only because Sarah had brainwashed him. But for Chester, I think he’s so used to being arrogant that he looks down on women.]

[Yeah. I think so too. He really doesn’t see women as human beings. He looks down on ordinary people like us as well.]

[Boo-hoo. He actually trampled on my goddess, Eliza. I pity her. I want to report him.]

[Same here. What’s worse, this kind of person manages Australia’s medical resources. I’d rather not get treated than visit a hospital under the Jewell family.]

[I can’t believe how miserable Eliza’s life has been. After her affair with Monte was exposed, I even criticized her. I’m inhumane!]

[Let’s call the police. We must not let Chester off.]


After Ken heard it, the phrase ‘I’m done’ popped up in his mind.

No matter how Chester was going to handle this matter, his image would be completely ruined this time.

Furthermore, not only did the netizens find Chester’s words nasty, but Ken also felt that Chester was too arrogant.



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