Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2639

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2639 – Chester’s eyes met Eliza’s.

Her eyes were calm, dark, and without a trace of fear.

No woman had ever dared to meet Chester’s eyes so fearlessly or even challenge him.

As Chester suddenly recalled how Eliza was behaving back then, he narrowed his eyes with mixed feelings. “Eliza, you never used to behave like that. Who gave you the courage to behave like this?”

“Of course, it’s because my men have left Australia,” Eliza said frankly without intending to hide the truth.

G*d knew how disgusting it was for her to pretend to be with him earlier.

Chester fixed his eyes on her for a long time until he finally saw the light.

“I see.”

Chester let out a deep, hoarse laugh. “This is unexpected. I can’t believe I’ve underestimated you.”

No wonder she was behaving so differently than before. At first, he thought she was playing hard to get, but she exposed her true colors layer.

On top of that, it turned out that when he lost interest in her because she was too submissive, it was all just an act too.

“You really do live up to your name as an actress. Your acting was pretty good.” Chester pointed at her, and his eyes resembled a viper’s. “Eliza, you’re the first person who has the guts to trick me.”

“Are you starting to show a slight interest in me again just because I dared to trick you?” Eliza’s lips curled into a sarcastic grin. “Women are like toys to you, aren’t they? When you can’t get them, your interest is piqued, but when you can, you treat them like trash.”

“You know me pretty well.” Chester chuckled.

“So you treated Charity the same way, right?” Eliza suddenly asked.

Chester’s body tensed up at the mention of that name, and he stared at Eliza icily, his aura cold.

However, Eliza was not afraid at all. “Isn’t it so? When you were in a relationship with her, you treated her so well that you would do everything for her. However, when she was so deeply in love with you that she couldn’t pull herself out of it anymore, you abandoned her mercilessly. You tricked her from the very beginning, didn’t you? In your mind, I guess Charity’s position wasn’t even comparable to Sarah’s.”

“Who told you that?” Chester frowned grimly. “Catherine or Freya?”

“None of them, of course. Charity and I had always kept in correspondence with each other.”

Eliza walked up to him and looked at him condescendingly. “Chester, do you know what went through my mind whenever you forced me to s********h you? I thought it was disgusting, and it made me nauseous. You deceived my best friend into sleeping with you and played with her feelings. You even made her d*e a violent d***h. Not only don’t you have no conscience, but you also forced Charity’s friend to s********h you. People like you should just d*e.”

“Eliza, are you tired of living?”

The bodyguard at the side got a fright. He dashed forward to pull her shoulder.

“Carry on.” Chester’s temples jerked as he gave Eliza a d***h stare, wishing he could drill a hole in her eyes.

Eliza took out a d**g bottle from her purse. “Do you know what this thing is? It’s the d**g that allowed me to force myself to cooperate with you in bed. Weren’t you astonished to see a drastic change in me later? It was because I took this d**g every time before I slept with you. If I hadn’t taken it, I wouldn’t be able to stand you because you were disgusting. You always acted as if you were very skillful. Hah! How ridiculous. You vented your feelings on me as if I was a toy. You also look down on me all the time. Do you think I hold you in high regard?”

The surrounding temperature dropped to sub-zero.

The bodyguards at the side were all trembling.

They had never seen Chester so furious before. He was literally on the verge of exploding.

Even so, Eliza continued, “Actually, I find you particularly d***y. Ever since I got together with you, I would go for a medical check-up every week for fear that I’d catch a disease. I don’t know who gave you the confidence to be so arrogant and look down on women. I s it because you’re wealthy, good-looking, and powerful that you think you can get women who are capable and know their self-worth to look up to you? Please, all you attract are cheap women.”

With that, she tossed the d**g bottle to him in disdain. “Don’t think about sleeping with women all the time. You’re bad in bed, and your character is awful. President Jewell, please find ways to improve yourself while you make money.”

“Eliza, you’re d**d.”

Chester clutched the bottle that was tossed onto his chest and then stood up from the recliner in exasperation. He did not even care about the injury on his leg.

“President Jewell…” The bodyguard reminded him fearfully.


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