Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2633

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2633 – After hearing what Eliza said, Shedrick was dumbfounded. “Do you mean President Jewell climbed the wall of your house, got injured from the animal trap, and was sent to the hospital?”

“I didn’t mean for him to get hurt. As you know, given my popularity, there’ll usually be haters harassing me, like the last time those haters ruined my car. I’m doing this to protect myself. Who knew President Jewell… would be so lawless?”

Eliza grumbled glumly.

Shedrick was at a loss for words.

Oh well. He actually thought that she was, to some extent, right.

“Don’t tell me that I’m unreasonable. I’ll be transferring one million dollars to you to compensate for President Jewell’s medical fees and mental damage caused. I believe that should be enough for him, and can you remind him not to try to blackmail me? If I’m forced to a corner, I’ll share the issue online and consult a lawyer.” Right after that, Eliza hung up the call mercilessly.

Shedrick looked at his phone and gasped.

How arrogant and bold of Eliza.

By the time Shedrick rushed to the hospital half an hour later, Chester was lying on the hospital bed, and his right leg was wrapped with a thick bandage.

However, Chester was in a foul mood. His handsome face was as cold as an ice sculpture, and the air around him was chilly.

“Where’s Eliza? Get her to come in.” Chester, who had always been calm no matter how unpleasant the situation was, had never been so furious.

Perhaps it was because no one had ever dared to hurt him, especially if the other party was a woman.

He even thought Shedrick rushed over because Eliza was too afraid to come alone. That was why she asked Shedrick to come along.

If Eliza wanted Shedrick to plead with Chester on her behalf, she could dream on.


Shedrick was stunned for a few seconds. When he came to his senses, his mouth twitched. “I didn’t see Eliza.”

“What? She didn’t come?” Chester was trembling with rage. “Contact her nowand get her to come to me within 20 minutes. Otherwise, she can forget about staying in the entertainment industry.”

Shedrick’s head hurt. Nevertheless, he walked away from Chester and dialed Eliza’s number. “I think you should come over to pay President Jewell the compensation and apologize to him face to face. I’ll try to speak for you, and we’ll let the matter rest.”

“I won’t go. All I wanted was to protect myself. Is that wrong?”

Shedrick asked in a huff, “Do you want to be banned from the industry?”

“I’ve thought about it. I have a piece of land in my hometown, so even if I get banned, I’ll return to my hometown and farm,” Eliza said helplessly. Shedrick was speechless.

She had a piece of land?

Was she joking?

It made Shedrick a little confused about the entertainment industry now.

After Shedrick returned to the ward, Chester asked gravely, “So what did she say?”

“Uh… Eliza has transferred one million dollars to me, claiming that the amount is to compensate for your medical fees and mental damage caused,” Shedrick replied fearfully.

“One million dollars?” Chester was so exasperated that he laughed. “How generous of her. But is my leg only worth one million dollars? Get me a lawyer. I want to sue her.”

Shedrick kindly reminded him, “President Jewell, Eliza is a public figure. If this incident gets out of hand, other people will know that you climbed into her house…”

Jewell Corporation might not be able to accept such a s*****l involving their president.

Chester’s face instantly darkened like the night sky. “I refuse to believe I can’t deal with that woman. Let those in the entertainment industry know that whoever takes Eliza’s side will mean they’re going against me, and all of Jewell Corporation’s medical resources won’t be available to them.”


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