Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2631

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2631 – “President Jewell, didn’t you ask me to stay nine feet away from you?” Eliza reminded Chester out of the goodness of her heart.

“Now, I’ll allow you to stay within two feet from me,” Chester said in a merciful tone.

The moment Eliza heard it, she laughed.

It was as if she had heard a joke.

The other end of the phone was quiet for a few seconds. Chester’s icy voice carried a sense of warning. “I believe your financial backer won’t dare to go against my order.”

“Go and look for my financial backer, then. Both of you should communicate before you get him to look for me.”

Eliza hung up on him.

As Chester heard Eliza hang up, a hint of disbelief flashed across his eyes.

This woman was bold. How audacious of her to hang up on him.

Was she under the impression that he could not deal with her?

Chester soon informed his subordinate. “Check on Eliza and find out who her financial backer is. I must know the result within a day.”

He wanted to see what kind of a man she found who allowed her to be so unscrupulous.

Chester thought that the person was most likely Monte.


After 18 hours, his subordinate brought him the news. “President Jewell, I found that Miss Robbins doesn’t have a financial backer.”

“Is it because you didn’t investigate it in detail?” Chester was visibly full of disbelief.

“No. She really doesn’t have one. Don’t you know my capability?” His subordinate was aggrieved. “But I found out that Miss Robbins has moved to Paisley Valley in the villa area near Canberra.”

Chester was aware of that area. Although the price of the houses there could not compare to those in the city, one villa would require a few million dollars.

Eliza only made her debut a few years ago. How could she have earned so much money?

Could it be Monte who gave her the money?

Chester scoffed. It was no wonder she always grumbled at him for not buying her a house and car. It was no wonder she attempted to commit s*****e for the sake of Monte

“Are you sure she doesn’t have a financial backer?” Chester asked again. “Didn’t she get in touch with Monte?”

“No,” his subordinate answered firmly.

“Send me the address of her villa,” Chester ordered.

Shortly after, he received Eliza’s address. After getting off from work in the hospital, he directly drove to Paisley Valley.

Upon arriving at the entrance of the villa, he pressed the doorbell.

Nevertheless, no one opened the door.

Chester had no choice but to call Eliza, only to realize that… he had been blocked.

He was mad at that moment.

After glancing at the wall that was over three feet tall, he climbed the wall and entered the villa.

When he landed at the villa, an animal trap in the bush trapped his feet.

The excruciating pain caused Chester to scream uncontrollably. Even though he was usually able to endure pain, his eyes almost turned black this time.

“Eliza, come out.” Chester fell into the bush, and his handsome face paled.

“Who’s disturbing my afternoon nap?”

After pushing open the door on the second floor, Eliza stretched her body lazily and walked out in silk pajamas.

At the sight of Chester sitting in the bush in pain, Eliza rubbed her eyes incredulously. “President Jewell, why did you secretly come to my house?”


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