Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2630

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2630 – “I understand too,” Ryan said. “People like us have been living on top of the hierarchy since we were young. We’ve had many people around us pleasing and flattering us since birth. However, I’ve always thought that everyone is equal.”

“Really? I don’t think so.” Chester’s attitude was lazy and slack.

“President Jewell, being overly arrogant isn’t a good thing,” Ryan reminded out of kindness.

Chester scoffed. It was obvious that he disagreed.


They had a badminton match and played to their hearts’ content.

After that, Eliza went to the bathroom to wash her face.

Max came out from the men’s bathroom on the opposite side after washing his hands.

Both of their heads were lowered. Max laughed lightly. “I haven’t played badminton with you like this for a long time. But your badminton skills in the past weren’t as good as they are now.”

Eliza did not raise her head. “Did you come here on purpose?”

“By coincidence. Ryan said his wife had a great friend who was single and he wanted to introduce her friend to me. I guessed it was you right away,” Max said in a low voice. “Isn’t this good? We can meet each other openly from now on.”

Eliza raised her head and looked at him. “It’s not good to be too close to me. I’m a person who lives under spotlights. You have a bright future. Being too involved in the entertainment industry will affect your future.”

“Charity.” Max sighed. “I just don’t want to see you being hurt by others while I can only watch over you in the dark.”

That name made Eliza’s body shudder.

It had been very, very long since she heard someone calling her by that name.

Only Max knew her true identity in the whole world.

“You’ve helped me a lot.” Eliza lowered her gaze. “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to find such excellent subordinates. I wouldn’t have been able to do many things as well.”

“You said you wanted to get revenge personally. I respect your decision.” Max asked with complicated feelings, “What are you planning on doing in the future? Are you going to keep remaining in Felix Media? Charity, I don’t wish you and Chester to be involved with each other any longer. He’ll only hurt you.”

“Max, although we’ve known each other since we were kids, the person you know is Eliza-not me, Charity.”

She gazed at Max deeply. “Don’t get too close to me. I can only live in the dark where there’s no light for my entire life. On the other hand, you’re a bright star. You should advance further and higher.”

After Eliza spoke, she turned and left.

Max watched her from the back.

Then, Chester walked over from the other side. As he washed his hands, he said calmly, “General Langston, it’s better not to touch certain women. Women in the entertainment industry are far more complicated than you think.”

“As expected of President Jewell. You already know my identity.” A hint of contempt flashed across Max’s eyes.

Charity would not have ended up that way if it were not for this man.

“There are rumors that the prime minister’s office has a special dark knight squad. Although there are only 100 people, the squad members were picked through the cruelest wars and selections. Someone who can be friends with Ryan must be the leader of the dark knights.”

Chester straightened his body and met Max’s gaze. “You can have any woman you want. Is Eliza even needed?”

After speaking, Chester left without looking back.

Max clenched his fists tightly.

‘Chester, a heartless man like you will never know how good that woman is.

‘You’ll regret it sooner or later. You won’t know exactly what you’ve missed.’


After badminton, Eliza received Chester’s call while driving back home. His tone was like an order. “Stop your car at the corner in front. I have something to say to you.”


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