Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2620

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2620 – However, considering that Eliza had tried to take revenge for Charity, Chester would let the matter rest.

“Stop negotiating with me. That is the most I can compromise,” Chester said coldly.

“I can come back to the company, but I won’t sign the previous contract. I want the 60-40 profit split, with mine 60 and yours 40. Besides that, I want to set up my own studio with my own team, and I’ll be the one deciding on the kinds of films and advertisements I take up. I don’t want to be the company’s marionette anymore.” Eliza raised her head and said.

“How dare you continue to negotiate with me?” The impatience in Chester’s eyes was evident. “Letting you get away with it is the biggest compromise I can make.”

“At the end of the day, you’re angry with me only because of my subordinates, aren’t you?”

Eliza gritted her teeth. “What if I don’t care about my subordinates’ lives? I’ve sacrificed a lot for them. Besides, I’ve paid them for working for me, and we’ve all gotten what we wanted. I can’t possibly make sacrifices for them forever. Honestly speaking, many companies are headhunting me after I left Felix Media. Even Ferra Film Group has suggested an 80-20 profit split for my contract.”

Chester glanced at her profoundly. His eyes were so sharp that they seemed like they could see through her.

Eliza bit her lip and met his eyes.

Chester narrowed his eyes. At that moment, he was not sure if he could get Eliza to obey him.

After all, no humans can resist temptations.

If Levi could set such a tempting price, Eliza might be swayed.

Eliza said with a low voice, “I’ll be glad if you can save me. But if you can’t, I won’t continue to stay in Felix Media. Frankly speaking, I won’t benefit from returning to Felix Media. Given that you’re trying to make Cindy popular, you’ll provide her with the best resources. If I don’t have any freedom, I’ll be taken advantage of again sooner or later, and if the conditions are the same as before, I might as well sign with Ferra. After all, Felix Media’s name is now down in the dumps.”


Chester stared at her silently for a few seconds. After some consideration, he nodded. “I’ll agree with what you proposed. Come to the office in the afternoon and sign the new contract.”

With that, he turned around and walked out. When he was at the door, he looked back. “By the way, take all your things back from my place. If you don’t come over and get them, I’ll throw them away.”

“I want them. They’re all branded stuff. How can you throw them away?”

Those words escaped Eliza’s mouth, making her look like a miser.

Chester shot a sarcastic yet disdainful glance at her. After that, he strode away without looking back.


After leaving the clubhouse, Eliza felt nothing but relaxed.

A contract was nothing to her, and she could not care less about paying compensation for the breach of contract either. What mattered most was that Chester would finally stop threatening her and set her free.

Once she left Australia, she would no longer be at Chester’s mercy.

At that thought, Eliza scoffed and drove to Chester’s place.

Unexpectedly, just when she arrived at the door and was ready to unlock the door with the password, Chester walked out of the elevator behind her.

She secretly frowned. If she had known he was coming back, she would have chosen to get her things a few days later.

“I thought you were going to take a few more days to come over. I didn’t expect you to want them so eagerly.” Chester teased and walked up to her. “Please give way. I’ve changed the password.”

“Oh, you’ve even changed the password. It seems like you’ve been planning to tell me to get lost for a while now, President Jewell,” Eliza said sarcastically.

“Indeed, you’re the kind of woman that a man will get tired of.” Chester looked at her indifferently. “I used to find you interesting, but now, you’re so-so.”



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