Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2618

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2618 – Monte watched her hang up on him and found it unbelievable.

He could not believe Eliza dared to tell him off and even hang upon him.

Was she not madly in love with him?

Yet now, she did not give a s**t about him. Could she be playing hard to get?

A hint of interest crossed Monte’s eyes. He had to admit that Eliza’s tactic had attracted him.


While Eliza was making breakfast, Hailey called her. “Have you moved out?”

“Yeah. Since the contract has been terminated, there’s no reason for me to use Felix Media’s apartment anymore.” Eliza stirred the noodles in the pot.

Hailey was filled with a mix of emotions. “Eliza…you’ve come up with a solution, right?”

“Hailey, you think too highly of me. If this issue hadn’t offended Monte, I wouldn’t have had any solution.” Eliza sounded indifferent. Regardless of how Hailey had treated her back then, the two of them were destined to go on different paths after Eliza left the company.

“Do you think President Daley and President Jewell will believe it?” Hailey said helplessly, “President Jewell has told me to inform you to see him this morning. If you don’t show up, you’ll bear the consequences.”

“Tell him to meet at Bluebell Clubhouse at 10:00 a.m.”

Then, Hailey passed the message to Chester.


After breakfast, Eliza changed into a set of clothes and put on heavy makeup.

Once she arrived at the private room of the clubhouse, she waited for 15 minutes before Chester turned up. The man walked in with his hands in his pockets and a pair of silver-rimmed glasses on his handsome face, looking decent and elegant.

Eliza hated how he behaved like a decent person when he was not. Even so, she obediently poured him a cup of coffee. “Young Master Jewell, I have specially prepared your favorite espresso for you.”

Chester glanced at the cup of espresso before his eyes landed on Eliza’s face. Her heavy makeup and thick, fake eyelashes made him sick. “Eliza, you think you’re all that now, huh? How dare you trick me?”

“President Jewell, you think too highly of me.” Eliza said nervously, “If it hadn’t been for Monte’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to prove my innocence.”

“Do you take me for a fool?” Chester felt a strong urge to pinch her chin. However, at the thought of the powder on her face, he paused, his eyes grim. “I gave you 100 million dollars so that you didn’t have to compensate for terminating the contract. Now, you’re free and have regained your reputation. Eliza, what a brilliant plot you hatched. It seems like I’ve underestimated you.”

Eliza deliberately trembled under his gaze. “I really didn’t think too far when I suggested terminating the contract.”

“Be honest with me. I want you to tell the truth.” Chester’s eyes were filled with impatience. “Why was Monte willing to stand up for you? Is there a secret deal between the two of you? Or is it between you and someone else?”

Eliza suddenly lifted her head and stared at him in fear.

“Eliza, did you s********h Monte or another man behind my back?” Chester could no longer contain his fury and pinched her chin. “Don’t you forget that you’re my woman.”

Although he must admit that he was done with Eliza, he was under no illusions about Eliza’s beauty and fame as many wealthy men had their eyes on her.

At the thought that she had slept with another man, Chester boiled with rage as he felt that he had been cuckolded.

“Is there something wrong with my memory?” Eliza shrugged and laughed. “Young Master Jewell, I clearly remember you saying I don’t deserve to be your woman. Everyone said I was just a tool for you to satisfy your needs. Besides, this isn’t your first time getting a woman. If you want a woman to be with you willingly, you have to contribute something, but I don’t see you contributing anything. All I see is that you keep suppressing me.”

“Finally, you’re telling the truth.” Chester narrowed his eyes grimly.

“Am I wrong in saying that?”

A furious yet miserable look washed over Eliza’s face. “When I was with you, I had no house or car, and I couldn’t even have my own studio. Not only did I have nothing, but I also signed the company’s worst contract. When I made money, the company took most of it and left me with a measly sum. In fact, all the best resources of the company go to Cindy. Sadly, I earned so much money for the company, yet you could use me a s a sacrificial lamb for the company at any time.

“Oh, by the way, I even had to s********h you and lose all my dignity. In that case, does the number of people I’ve slept with make a difference?”


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