Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2603

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2603 – After the call ended, Shaun frowned.

Even if Eliza was an actress, an actress was also human. Moreover, she was the woman Chester wanted to have forcefully.

Chester was not taking Eliza seriously. No wonder his wife was so furious.

Shaun truly felt that Chester discriminated against women and did not take them seriously.

There was a saying not to b**n one’s bridges. Chester had s*x with Eliza, yet he did not give her any chances. His attitude would surely bring him trouble sooner or later.


9:00 a.m.

When Eliza drove her car out of the condominium, she was blocked by a large group of reporters and fans outside just after she exited the entrance.

“Eliza, is the s*****l on the internet true? Have you been a mistress since you were in university?”

“Eliza, I heard you had an a******n for Young Master Patterson’s sake before. Can you live up to the fans who have always believed in you?”

“Monte Patterson and the eldest young lady of the Tanner family have gotten engaged. Does the eldest young lady of the Tanner family know about you and Monte’s relationship? From your actions, you’re pretty much like a homewrecker.”

“Eliza, come out and make things clear. Your cold and noble image portrayed on the internet is all fake, right? Why did you deceive us?”

“Eliza, I’m so disappointed in you. To think that I liked you all along. I never thought you were such a b*tch.”

“You used to be so elegant in my heart, and that’s the extent of how b*tchy I think you are now.”

“Just d*e, Eliza. I hate homewreckers the most.”

“Eliza, please get out of the entertainment industry. We don’t want to see you anymore. You lied to everyone who believed in you.”


A bunch of reporters and fans surrounded Eliza’s car.

Everyone was knocking on the car windows agitatedly. Some people even yanked the door of the driver’s seat.

Skyler was frightened. Eliza had sharp eyes and quick hands. She immediately switched off the engine and locked the doors.

However, some fanboys were so crazy that they jumped on the car and hit the windscreen with wrenches. Moments later, cracks appeared.

Hailey screamed, “Are these people crazy?”

“Let’s call the police.” Eliza quickly called the police.

The police picked up and said they would dispatch swiftly. However, no matter how fast they were, the fanboys could not be stopped. They had struck the windscreen until it shattered.

“Eliza, get the f*ck out. You have to give us an explanation today.” A fanboy jumped onto the front of the car and yanked Eliza, who was in the passenger seat.

“What are you doing? Let go.” Skyler took a bag and hit the fanboy’s arm agitatedly.

The reporters at the side quickly took photos of that scene. “Eliza’s employee is hitting the fans. Everyone, look.”

“Eliza, you’re too much. We’re your loyal fans. We spent so much money on you. At this point, you’re not refunding us or repenting. Instead, you’re even hitting us, the fans who support you.”

As the windscreen was shattered now, a few fanboys charged over to pull Eliza out.

There was still a lot of shattered glass. Eliza would definitely sustain severe injuries if she were to be dragged out like this.

“Stop.” Skyler was on the verge of crying from anxiety.

“Eliza will get hurt if you do this.”


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