Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2600

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2600 – “This method is wonderful.” Madam Jewell said, “Eliza is just an ordinary artist. Without her, you can still make another artist popular. I heard all the media are going to report about Felix Media getting fined tonight, and then it’ll surely go on the trending searches. Someone needs to divert the public’s attention at a time like this, and Eliza is the most suitable person.”

“Chester, Eliza willingly got together with Monte back then. She’s the one who brought it upon herself,” Cindy added.

Chester looked at Cindy sinisterly and laughed. “What a wonderful plan, huh?”

His stare made Cindy’s hair stand on end, and she quickly looked down. “Chester, you promised that you’d support me in making a comeback. I believe you’re not the kind who’ll go back on your word.”


Chester’s expression darkened.

The office was quiet for a while before he said, “Mom, I still have work to do. Take her away and stop disturbing me.”

Dissatisfied, Madam Jewell opened her mouth, but Cindy promptly pulled her away. “Madam Jewell, let’s go.”

Madam Jewell furrowed her brows. “Anyhow, I’ll do it even if you don’t. I’ll be taking Cindy’s side no matter what.”

With that, she pulled Cindy and walked away.

Chester tilted his head, placed his long, slender fingers on his temples, and pressed them gently.

Ten minutes later, he contacted Shedrick.

Shedrick was astounded when he heard what Chester said. “Are you really planning to do that? Eliza will be pissed off.”

Chester said indifferently, “Didn’t she join the entertainment industry for the sake of money? Anything that can be solved with money isn’t a problem.”

Shedrick did not know what to say to that.

Having gotten along with Eliza, he felt that Eliza was not the sort who could be dealt with using money.

“Otherwise, do you have any other solutions?” Chester asked.

Shedrick sighed. “There are scandalous scoops of other A-list artists in the entertainment industry too, but they have impressive backgrounds, and exposing them will only offend some people. Eliza is the only artist without an impressive background. Her family background is average, and she comes from a small town.”

“It’s decided, then,” Chester said.

Shedrick was frustrated. “How f*ck*ng unkind of us. Should I let Eliza know in advance?”

“Get her to meet me tomorrow.” Chester made the decision in a light-hearted manner.


That night, all the media reported about Felix Media getting heavily fined.

After watching the news, Eliza drank some wine and went to bed.

The next day, she was awoken by knocks on the door.

Dressed in her pajamas and still looking sleepy, she went to open the door. “It’s only 6:00 a.m. Why are you here?”

“The fat is in the fire,” Skyler said hurriedly. “Lizzie, your relationship with Monte has been exposed. Now, the office is crowded with reporters. There are even reporters outside your neighborhood. Everyone on the Internet is talking about how you were once his lover. Furthermore, Monte is already engaged and even has a fiancee.”

Eliza was completely awake now. She turned on her phone and saw many people circulating intimate photos of her and Monte during her university years on the Internet. Some verified users claimed that she was Monte’s kept woman during her university years and that she later entered the entertainment industry because of her relationship with Monte. However, Monte abandoned her once he had enough of her, but she tried to force Monte to marry her by means of s*****e.

There were records of her staying in the hospital and undergoing surgery. Seemingly, there were no two ways about it.


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