Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2599

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2599 – Chester smoked a few cigarettes in the office, his handsome face shrouded in smoke.

Nobody could clearly see his appearance, much less the coldness and darkness of his eyes.

Just then, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

An indifferent voice sounded, and Madam Jewell walked in with Cindy, who was wearing a mask and a pair of sunglasses. No one would be able to recognize her without taking a closer look.

“Mom, why are you here instead of resting at home?” Chester stubbed out the cigarette and frowned. After that, he darted an impatient look at Cindy.

“Come, Cindy. Take off your mask,” Madam Jewell said.

Cindy instantly removed her mask and sunglasses, revealing a swollen face. She sobbed. “Chester, you need to stand up for me.”

Chester’s eyes swept over Cindy’s face, not hiding the disgust in his eyes. “It’s quite ugly.”

“Chester…” Feeling aggrieved, Cindy drawled. She looked as though she was hard hit by the slap.

Madam Chester pulled a long face. “What are you saying? Your woman, Eliza, was the one who slapped Cindy in full view of everyone. You need to stand up for Cindy. Eliza’s too arrogant.”

In truth, Chester had heard about the incident in the meeting room.

However, he could not be bothered about it, given that so many things had been happening with Felix Media. Now that Cindy brought Madam Jewell along to see him, he was really annoyed.

He was annoyed at how Cindy kept making a scene.

He was annoyed at how arrogant Eliza was.

Those women were causing him trouble even at such a critical period.

“If you don’t believe me, watch the video yourself.” Madam Jewell directly handed him Cindy’s phone, which showed the surveillance footage of the meeting room.

Chester did not take it but placed his hand lightly on the screen. There was no sound in the video, but it was a fact that Eliza attacked Cindy first. What was more, Eliza looked extremely arrogant after that.

A trace of dislike flashed across Chester’s eyes.

Upon seeing that, Cindy said, “I really didn’t provoke her. Everyone in the meeting room saw that she pushed me to the floor without even apologizing to me. Later, she provoked me again. She thinks she can bully me as she wishes just because she’s your woman.”

Madam Jewell said in exasperation, “That woman has gone too far. She even hired netizens to accuse Cindy and claim that Cindy slept with Stuart. Cindy’s plan to make her comeback was going very well. But now, the production team that had signed her on before is putting her off from going on set maybe because they want to terminate their contracts with her. Chester, you must teach that woman a lesson this time.”

“What do you guys want me to do?” Chester raised his brows. “Since you both came together, you must have a plan already.”

Cindy’s heart trembled under his stare. Fortunately, she was clever enough to have brought Madam Jewell over with her this time.

Madam Jewell said, “You know full well whether Cindy is Stuart’s woman or not. If it hadn’t been for Cindy giving me her blood over the last two years, I would’ve lost my life long ago. Since Eliza slapped Cindy and then smeared Cindy’s name by spreading rumors, she must pay the price. If you want other people to forget about Cindy’s issue, you have to expose an even bigger piece of news to divert the netizens’ attention. I heard Eliza used to be with Monte…”

Some things were self-explanatory.

Chester did not turn his eyes to Madam Jewell. Instead, he stared at Cindy, his eyes glinting with coldness. “Are you trying to get me to expose what happened between Eliza and Monte?”

Madam Jewell said with a frown, “Why are you staring at Cindy? This was my idea.”

“Mom, both of you aren’t experienced enough to play tricks in front of me.” Chester narrowed his eyes and said with a cold voice, “I understand Cindy’s character more than anyone else.”

Cindy was particularly embarrassed. “I-I’m doing this for your own good. The artists in our company have been the subject of discussion among the netizens for the past few days, and Eliza is the only one who is least influenced by this matter. Chester, Eliza is an A-list artist. If you expose her s*****l now, it will divert the public’s attention from you, Felix Media, me, and even other artists.


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