Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2598

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2598 – “Mainly, it was because Vice President Joslin’s matter has had a negative impact on society.” Skyler said with a sigh, “However, I never thought that with the connection Chester had, they’d investigate him. I heard he was fined too. I think that from now on, Felix Media will have to keep a low profile in the entertainment industry for a long time.”

After Eliza chatted briefly on the phone with Skyler, Levi soon called her. He sounded excited. “Eliza, you’re brilliant. If the supervision department investigates Felix Media, they surely won’t be able to get away with it so easily.”

“How are things on your end?” Eliza asked indifferently.

“About that… I dare not go out.” Levi whispered, “I felt like someone was tailing me when I went to the office yesterday. Also, there are issues with the new drama that were previously approved.”

“You need to create an accident for yourself.” Eliza put forward a suggestion. “Make it seem like someone deliberately tried to take revenge on you.”

“What… do you mean?” Levi was glum.

“The public knows you were the one who exposed Vice President Joslin’s matter. If something happens to you now that the supervision department is investigating the matter, what do you think… the relevant department will think?” Eliza reminded him calmly.

Only then did Levi grasp her point. “Eliza, you’re really…”

“I’ll hang up now.”

Eliza did not want to listen to him go on. It was up to Levi to do what he wanted.

However, she never thought Levi was so cruel. In the afternoon, she heard that the president of Ferra Film Group was hit when he left the house. Since then, he had been sent to the hospital, but he was in a critical condition.


In the hospital.

When Chester heard about the matter, he said furiously, “Didn’t I tell you to cancel our plan to act against Levi since the supervision department is investigating Felix Media?”

“President Jewell, it wasn’t our doing,” his subordinate said. “We listened to you and have retreated early on. We’re now having dinner at home.”

Chester soon saw the light. It was Levi who tricked him.

It had been a while since someone had the courage to plot against him.

What a brilliant trick.

He nearly hurled his laptop to the floor.

Right then, he received a call from Shedrick. “This is bad, President Jewell. The supervision department is causing us trouble. They fined us 100 million dollars and even gave us a stern warning that if a bad case like Vice President Joslin’s happens again, they’ll make us restructure our company.”

In fact, 100 million dollars was just a small amount to Chester.

However, the damage to their reputation was indeed irreversible.

They would also become the laughing stock in the entertainment industry.

Chester had never been in such an embarrassing situation before in his life.

He snorted. “Let them fine us, then.”

Shedrick could not help but m**n, “In truth, they only warned us verbally, but Levi’s issue triggered them. When I went over for an investigation, they claimed that Felix Media had been too arrogant.”

“Cut contact with Stuart for the time being.”

Chester tossed his phone aside. Then, he took out a cigarette and lit it.

Not long after, Hunter called to give Chester a piece of his mind. “You brat. I’ve told you not to get involved in the entertainment industry, and now, look. You’ve even gotten fined. The directors have told me to warn you not to drag Jewell Corporation into the mess. Besides that, let me remind you that being ambitious is a good thing, but you need to understand that many people out there are envious of us. Jason even contacted me personally this time.”

“What did he say?” Chester pressed the cigarette and took a deep drag.

“Be content.”

Chester sneered. “It seems like the Snow family is planning to suppress me.”

“It’s just a warning this time, but you’d better not take it too far.” With that, Hunter ended the call.


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