Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2597

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2597 – Cindy was so infuriated that she burst into tears on the spot. Madison promptly pulled Cindy out. Then, she pointed at Eliza and said, “Fine. Remember this because we won’t let this go so easily. I’ll personally call President Jewell to have him teach you a lesson.”

“Go ahead. I’m his woman anyway.” Eliza said arrogantly, “But I’m different from Cindy. I prefer letting my capability speak, unlike someone who has no resources or money. She’ll have no choice but to wait to be forced out.”

After that, she turned around and left arrogantly.

Cindy stared at Eliza’s back with resentment. “You guys, quickly duplicate the surveillance footage and send it to President Jewell.”

She must show Chester how arrogant Eliza was.

No one understood Chester better than Cindy did, and Chester hated disobedient women the most.

Given that she was slapped twice today, she would make Eliza pay for it ten times over.


In the office corridor, Skyler blindly followed Eliza, who was in front of her. At that time, she was confused.

She did not expect Eliza to be so crazy. After all, no one in the company dared to offend Cindy, and even Shedrick had to be polite toward her.

Eliza was screwed.

Cindy was bound to complain about Eliza.

“Eliza, you were too impulsive just now.” Hailey was exasperated. “I know you hate Cindy, but you shouldn’t have slapped her on that kind of occasion. With so many witnesses, you won’t be able to explain yourself if Cindy complains about you to Chester.”

“How do you think Chester will treat me?” Eliza suddenly turned around and asked.

Hailey sighed.

She was not sure how to tell Eliza that Chester was rather concerned about Cindy. Therefore, Eliza would certainly be at a disadvantage compared to Cindy.

“Hailey, you don’t have to feel torn.” Eliza chuckled. “I understand a lot of things. I only did that today to make Chester realize that I’ve been quite arrogant since I became his woman. Well, what kind of woman does he hate the most? The answer is spoiled women. Ever since I got together with him, I’ve never gotten any perks, and I can’t be involved with him this way without a title or status.”

Hailey saw the light. In fact, she was quite pleased when Chester and Eliza first got together. However, Cindy’s plan to make a comeback made Hailey realize that Eliza’s relationship with Chester was not a good thing.

Firstly, Chester did not take good care of Eliza.

Secondly, that would arouse Cindy’s jealousy.

There was no need for a relationship if there was no benefit.

“Have you ever thought about why Chester would force you out for Cindy’s sake?” Hailey expressed her concern.

Skyler, who was behind Eliza, said, “President Jewell can’t be so cruel, can he? It was just two slaps. After all, Lizzie has been with him for such a long time. She deserves the credit.”

Hailey forced a smile.

How could Chester, that cruel person, be merciful?

She did not know why Chester considered Cindy a priority either. To Hailey, Cindy could not compare to Eliza at all.

“Probably not. At worst, he’ll force me to apologize to Cindy.”

Eliza comforted them. “By the way, both of you should check why President Daley left in a rush halfway through the meeting. It seems that something major has happened.”

“Right. I almost forgot about it. Skyler, you may send Eliza back.”

After giving the order, Hailey left.

Once Eliza arrived home, Skyler contacted her. “The supervision department came and did a check on us just now, so President Daley was called over for interrogation.”

“Was it that serious?” Eliza asked while feigning surprise.


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