Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2585

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2585 – “She’s indeed not easy.”

Chester smirked. He suddenly thought of Eliza from some time ago. Her enthusiasm in bed made his heart flutter. He had not been with a woman lately.

Thinking back, his attitude at the hospital was harsh.

However, who told her to be ungrateful? Besides, the incident had long passed. Her anger should have subsided.

After returning to his seat, Chester sent Eliza a Whatsapp message: [Go to my place. Wash up and wait for me.]

Eliza, who was about to take a bath in her apartment, scolded him for being an *sshole.

If it were not for him threatening her with other people, why would she agree to wash up and wait for him?

Eliza honestly did not want to go.

However, she had already taken her act so far. Not going was not an option.

Eliza deliberately sprayed some cheap perfume on her body after bathing.

When she went over, Chester was not back yet. She took a pill and lay down to sleep first.

At midnight, Chester came back. He was a little drunk. When he saw the woman’s figure lying on the bed, a hint of cold mockery flashed across Chester’s mind.

Despite her being so prideful, she still came over once he called.

Chester, who was initially brimming with enthusiasm, was left with just half of it. He took off his clothes and approached Eliza. When he got a whiff of the cheap perfume on her, his enthusiasm dropped to 20 percent.

“You’re back.” Eliza pretended to have just woken up.

“Eliza, are you doing this on purpose? What random thing have you sprayed on yourself? I’m getting nauseous just from smelling it.” Chester pinched her chin annoyedly.

Eliza made a surprised look. “It’s perfume. My perfume is the same as the one Cindy usually uses.”

“Who told you to use the same perfume as Cindy?” Chester did not notice it, but he did dislike the fragrance on Cindy.

“You like her, so I thought you’d like the smell on her too.” Eliza pressed her lips, looking as if she did not understand him.

‘To h**l with liking it!’

Chester spat vulgar words in his mind. He carried Eliza to the bathroom straight away.

“I’m bringing you to get a bath.”

He carried her inside. When the water splashed on them, Chester applied everything all over Eliza, regardless of whether it was shampoo or body wash.

They only got out of the bathroom after almost 45 minutes.

Chester lay on the bed with Eliza in his embrace. He touched her face and teased her. “Did you know? Someone told me you’re a pure and beautiful lady. The way you looked just now was not pure at all.”

“I can’t help it either. You’re just… so amazing.” Eliza hid under the blanket shyly after biting the bullet and speaking.

“Eliza, what are you pretending for?” Chester dragged her out. “Are you no longer angry at me for treating you that way last time?”

“I am, but… There’s no helping it.” Eliza said resignedly, “Chester, look. I’m already together with you. I know that I might not be as important as Cindy, but did you have to hit me because of those documents? My face still hurts until now.”

As she spoke, her eyes reddened.

Chester was not tender or protective toward women. On the contrary, he found it boring looking at Eliza being that way. She was acting no different from other women. He had almost forgotten how she used to be in the past.

“Learn your lesson. Don’t just touch my things as you wish.” He said coldly, “Don’t come looking for me at the hospital either.”

He pulled the blanket after he finished speaking. He could not care less about her.

Eliza snuck into his embrace brazenly.

Chester pushed her away, yet she scooted over again. In the end, Chester was irritated and kicked her off the bed. “Sleep in the next room. Don’t bother me.”

“Chester, you’re too much.”

Eliza looked as if she found it unacceptable. She rushed over and tugged his blanket. She even scratched his chest deliberately.

In addition to having alcohol, Chester also had intercourse for a while before this. His patience ran out after being bothered by Eliza. He yanked her by the wrist out of the bedroom. “Stop making noises, or I’ll throw you out the door just like this.”


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