Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2583

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2583 – “Chester isn’t worth me getting angry.”‘ The disgust in Eliza’s eyes was not even slightly concealed.

She had never hated a person so much before.

Freya rarely saw Eliza’s expression being so obvious. She could not resist saying, “Is Chester that hateful to you?”

“Please stop humiliating the word ‘hate.'” Eliza said honestly, “I’m disgusted.”


Freya sympathized with Eliza. It was too unbearable to be involved with someone one thought was disgusting.

Freya said, “Cathy, why don’t we think of a way to bring Chester down? You’re so great, and you have the Costner family behind your back.”


Catherine almost choked from being shocked by Freya’s words. “Miss Lynch, thank you for thinking so highly of me. I’m very touched.”

Eliza said, “To the Australians, there are two major influences. One of them is the Snow family, while the other is the Jewell family. Many of the top medical systems in Australia rely on the Jewell family. There are private hospitals that the Jewell family invested in most cities. The Jewell family even picks many outstanding doctors to further their studies overseas every year. Not only that, the Jewell family makes donations to many hospitals in the country. They also take a part of their funds to help patients in need every year.”

Catherine nodded. “The Jewell family is deeply respected by Australians. President Snow will be the first to oppose bringing the Jewell family down, not to mention ordinary people. Besides, if there are no other people to take over Jewell Corporation, the treatment of many people’s illnesses will be delayed.”

Freya stammered, “I’m talking about Chester, not Jewell Corporation.”

Eliza smiled bitterly. “You might not know of this, but the Jewell family achieved what they did today because of Chester alone. Ever since he took over and restructured Jewell Corporation, he’s been widely respected for what he did in the medical industry, such as nurturing talents in medical schools or making donations to save patients, despite his bad character.”

“Not just that.” Catherine said, “He’s dominant in the entertainment industry too. Not only did he invest in film companies, but he’s also even a shareholder of cinemas. He has good relationships with major broadcasting stations, and many directors are under his influence. Besides, he has close connections with tycoons of the medical industry internationally. In this world, many people are unwilling to go against people who possess medical resources because anyone may fall sick.”

Freya was dumbfounded. She never expected Chester to be so great.

“Let’s not talk about this. Have your coffee.” Eliza did not want her best friends to worry about her.

Half an hour later, Shaun called Catherine. “Chase is here in Canberra. We’re having supper now. Do you want to come over?”

Once he finished speaking, Chase started shouting, “Rin, come over! It’s rare for me to be in Canberra. Let’s have a drink. I heard you’re shopping with Freya. Do you want to come over with her?”

Since it was Chase, it was difficult for Catherine to reject him. “Who else is there?”

“Just a few friends. You’ve met them before,” Chase said.

Catherine understood. Chester was most likely there too. After thinking about it, she said, “We’ll continue shopping for a while and go over later.”

“No problem. We’ll be eating until late into the night anyway.”

After hanging up, Freya, who was sitting closest to Catherine, said, “I think I heard Chase’s voice.”

Catherine said resignedly, “Chase came to Canberra. He’s calling us over to have supper.”

Freya said, “Let’s go together, then.”

“I’m not going.” Eliza refused. “Chester will definitely be there.”

“I think so too. Let’s shop for a while more. I’ll go over with Freya at a later time.”

When it was 9:30 p.m., Eliza got into the celebrity van and left while Catherine and Freya drove to another place to have supper.

The private room Shaun booked was on the second floor, and it was an outdoor balcony with a lot of flowers planted around it. Five to six men sat on the balcony. There were also some friends and former classmates who were on good terms with Shaun and the others.


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