Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2581

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2581 – Eliza’s body trembled out of anger. After some time, she said, “Okay. Let me be a shareholder of Felix Media, and I’ll stop arguing with you over this matter.”

“Argue?” Chester narrowed his eyes and smiled. “You don’t have the right to argue with me. As for you becoming a shareholder of Felix Media, don’t even think about it.

After that, he started walking out as if he could not be bothered to deal with Eliza.

Eliza grabbed his notebook from the table and threw it on the floor.

Chester turned around and slapped her.

He ordered coldly, “Pick it up.”

Eliza raised her head. Tears from her eyes smudged the low-quality mascara that she deliberately put on. “What will happen if I don’t pick it up?”

Chester did not have a good temper or patience, and at that moment, he lost it. “Did you forget the reason you looked for me? If you don’t pick the notebook up, don’t talk to me about money or houses. You won’t get any good resources either. Don’t even think about being more superior than Cindy your whole life. As for s*x, I can do it with you for free for the rest of my life until I’m bored.”


Eliza tried her best to widen her eyes, meeting his gaze with a baffled expression.

It was as though she could not believe there would be such a despicable person in the world.

“Your face is d***y. Don’t look at me like that. It’s off-putting. Pick up the notebook and get lost.”

Then, Chester left.

Eliza took a deep breath. Luckily, she had long despised Chester. Her heart would surely be broken into pieces if she had liked him.

She scoffed as she bent over to pick up the notebook and placed it on the table.

That was the effect she wanted to achieve.

The more Chester hated her, the better.

However, the wound on her face did hurt quite a bit.

Since something was wrong with her face, Eliza had no choice but to take the evening off.

Other than attending an event in another place, the rest of her time in the following days was spent shooting at the filming base located on the outskirts of Canberra. After filming, she would return to her little apartment on time every day and nowhere else

The apartment was rented by the company since Eliza did not have a house in Canberra.

In fact, she was not short of money. She had slowly become popular over the last two years. Even if she were to be a minor celebrity in the entertainment industry, her salary would still be higher than ordinary people. Moreover, her endorsements were worth tens of millions of dollars after she became famous.

However, a huge portion of the money she earned as a celebrity was divided and given to the company, so the amount of money she obtained was not much. Luckily, she was Charity. She had been making investments privately all along. On top of that, she had been able to earn up to 100 million dollars annually after Freycatheli grew bigger.

Eliza did not buy a house because she had not thought of living in Canberra permanently.

She just wanted to bring Eliza’s mother back to her hometown and live a peaceful life when the timing was right.

Although her best friends were in Canberra, she despised the place.

Eliza had not gone to Chester’s place for a few days consecutively, and it was unusual that Chester did not take the initiative to contact her.

She hoped that Chester had gotten bored of her and would not look for her anymore.

Obviously, Eliza’s manager, Hailey, noticed it too.


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