Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2568

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2568 – Eliza had no choice but to change into another dress and apply a thick layer of foundation on her neck to cover the hickeys.

However, observant people knew what had happened between her and Chester when she went out.

The film director was full of smiles. He was not mad at her for being late. “Eliza, can you do it? Are you tired? If you’re tired, your scene can be shifted to tomorrow.”

Heather was dissatisfied and said, “Director, if she doesn’t film, does my scene with her have to be delayed to tomorrow again? I have matters to attend to tomorrow.”

“Eliza isn’t even complaining about the delay in time. Why are you, someone who’s less popular than her, complaining?” The director glared at Heather. That made Heather stomp her feet in anger.

“It’s okay. I’m not tired. You all can get ready and start preparing for my scene.” Eliza was not happy about the special treatment. She had noticed the filming crew’s strange gazes.

Initially, she could sense the staff’s respect toward her. Many people praised her because her acting was good and she could endure hardships. However, after today, the filming crew would most likely say that she had good skills in bed and the reason for her continuous resources was because she got into Chester’s bed.

That was why she was opposed to other people finding out about her relationship with Chester.

After the director got to work, Heather said sarcastically, “Eliza, why aren’t you wearing your previous dress? It was pretty nice.”

Eliza could sense the sarcasm in her words. She turned around to leave.

Heather let out a tsk. “Why are you acting all high and mighty? You’re just lucky to have hooked up with President Jewell. No wonder so many good resources have been going to you recently.”

“Are you envious?” Eliza turned back and looked toward Heather coldly.

“I won’t be envious of these things.” It was as if Heather had her tail stepped on. “I just want to rely on my acting skills and climb up rightfully, rather than relying on…”

She glanced at Eliza’s body and said, “Counting on my acting skills is the most reliable way. It’s obvious just by looking at Cindy. In the past, Young Master Jewell doted on her a lot to the extent that he would even pluck the stars from the sky for her. What about now? Men only chase for new excitement.”

“It’s rare for you to have this awareness. I’ll relay your words to Chester. I believe that he won’t have any interest in you even if he abandons me in the future.”

After speaking with a vague smile, Eliza turned and left.

“Eliza…” Heather stomped her feet out of anger.

Would Eliza really tell Chester that? Everyone in the company knew that hooking up with Chester was the best path to success.


After Eliza insisted and filmed the last two scenes, the director let her off early.

When she got into the celebrity van, she took a contraceptive pill from a bottle of vitamin C pills and gulped it down with water.

She could not be pregnant with Chester’s child.

Eliza’s assistant asked softly, “Lizzie, are you going back to Chester’s place now?”

Eliza pressed her lips together. She did not want to go over at all just yet.

At that moment, Catherine called. “Celebrity Eliza Turner, do you want to have crayfish together tonight?”

Finally, a relaxed smile appeared on Eliza’s beautiful face. “Don’t you have to be with your husband and children?”

“Shaun went on a business trip today.”

“Give me the address. I’ll go over.”

The place Catherine sent was about a 40-minute drive away.

After meeting up, they asked for a private room outdoors facing a river.

“Have you been well lately?” Catherine eyes Eliza after ordering dinner. “You’ve gotten thinner.”

“Mm, I have insomnia,” Eliza said calmly.

“Is it related to Chester?” Catherine raised her eyebrows. “What is he planning to do? Did he fall in love with you?”

“Is that even possible?” Eliza laughed. “He’s an emotionless, cold- blooded animal.”

“Ah, you’re wrong. He still has emotions when facing my husband.” Catherine joked. “Yesterday, Shaun advised him to let you go. I don’t know whether he took those words seriously.”

Eliza was stunned. She shook her head. “No. I don’t know what it’ll take for him to let me go either.”


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