Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2565

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2565 – Chester’s eyes were downcast. He spun the bottle in his hand. He grinned slightly. “You’re so obedient to your wife.”

“Chester, I don’t believe that you love Eliza. At most, you just feel dissatisfied for not being able to obtain her in the beginning. Don’t you have her now?”

Shaun clinked glasses with Chester.

Chester lowered his head and smiled.

Yes, he did have Eliza.

At 11:00 p.m., Chester dragged his drunken body back to his place.

After pushing the door open and entering, his heart seemed to b**n from the alcohol. Upon seeing the empty house, it felt as though there were countless ants scratching his heart.

He took out his phone and dialed Eliza’s number. He gave an order with a lazy tone, “Come over.”

“President… President Jewell.” It was Eliza’s assistant who picked up the call. She was fearful. “I’m sorry. Eliza is asleep after drinking too much at a gathering with the filming crew.”

“Tell her to get over here after she wakes up tomorrow morning.”

Chester threw his temper and tossed the phone aside.


On the other hand, the assistant, Skyler, put down the phone. She glanced timidly at Eliza, who was sitting at the dressing table and removing her makeup.

She was done for. She actually dared to lie to President Jewell.

However, the culprit who made Skyler lie still had a nonchalant look on her face. She truly did not understand how Eliza was so daring. Usually, the women in the company would go to great lengths to please President Jewell. Even the previous pop diva, Cindy, was not an exception.

“Lizzie, President Jewell asked you to go over tomorrow morning.”

“I got it. You can go back and rest.” Eliza stood up and took her bathrobe to the bathroom as if nothing happened.

Skyler blinked. In the end, she could only obey Eliza’s words and leave.

After Eliza was done bathing, she took a bottle of wine from the wine cabinet. She opened it and sat on the tall stool, slowly drinking one glass of wine after another.

It had gotten to a point where she could not sleep alone if she did not numb herself with alcohol.

Although taking alcohol frequently made her stomach’s condition deteriorate day by day, it was difficult for her to change this habit.

Apart from the people by her side, no one knew that the most famous celebrity in the film industry, Eliza Turner, was Chester Jewell’s plaything.



The next day.

Eliza slept until 9:00 a.m. There were two calls from Chester on her phone. She simply ignored them and turned off her phone. When it was 1:00 p.m., she drove to the movie set.

Ever since she got together with Chester, she only accepted roles in films with modern-day settings. Moreover, the shooting location of every film was in Canberra. Even the farthest filming base was just an hour’s drive away from Canberra.

Eliza was annoyed. She did not know when Chester would get bored of her.

After the first scene concluded, she saw that a noble, handsome man had shown up at the movie set when she turned around to rest. The man only wore a white T-shirt that looked very ordinary and a pair of long gray pants. There were no accessories on his body, but his aura could not be hidden.

The film director went over to light a cigarette for the man to please him.

It was not just the film director. Even the film’s male lead, Jasper Simmons, and the second female lead, Heather Chapman, went to curry favor with that man.

“Young Master Jewell, did you have free time to come to our filming set today?” Heather’s eyes on Chester were so bright that they almost emitted light. She and Eliza were under Felix Media. Heather only had the opportunity to star in the movie with Eliza because Felix Media was one of the movie’s investors. However, she was not as popular as Eliza. If she could climb into Chester’s bed, her future resources would increase significantly.


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