Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2563

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2563 – The next day, Chester could not tolerate it anymore and broke up with Charity.

He disdained her for being disgusting and d***y.

On the day they broke up, he had said, “Charity, you couldn’t possibly have thought that I truly liked you, right? Goods like you are common in Canberra. I just wanted to have a taste. It became mediocre after some time. It’s boring.

“Stop clinging to me. Your mom is a mistress. I’ll never be with a mistress’s daughter. Moreover, I’ve never thought of getting a wife. I’m fine with just having a lover.

“To be honest, I f*cking regret having s*x with you. You’re like a d**d fish. It’s no fun.

“Do you have a hole in your head? You even believed the sweet nothings I said to you just to make you s********h me. Don’t bring up your virginity to me. You have no self-love. Who knows if your hymen was repaired afterward?”


Chester surprisingly remembered all those harsh words.

He suddenly felt like smoking a cigarette.

He took a packet of cigarettes out of his pocket. He put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it. He asked, “Did you have something to do with Charity hugging Larry and entering a hotel?”

“That’s right. When you thought Charity was having an affair, I was the one who found someone to set her up on purpose. That diary was just there to let you think that she was secretly in love with a person called Larry Parker. Larry was poor. I gave him a sum of money to have him set Charity up. Charity did have a good relationship with Larry simply because she thought he was a hardworking person despite struggling financially. Therefore, she sympathized with him and helped him occasionally. That time, Charity was drunk. Larry just brought her into the hotel. He didn’t do anything. Charity wasn’t aware of anything after she woke up. She even thanked Larry for sending her to the hotel. Haha.”

Sarah suddenly laughed as she spoke. Her frail figure made her look especially hideous. “Charity probably didn’t even know why you suddenly hated her so much and broke up with her until the day she died. She didn’t know that the classmate she thought was kind had betrayed her for money.”

Chester took a slow drag on the cigarette.

Some things would not be known unless questions were asked.

It turned out that he and Charity had lived within the loops of other people’s lies.

Actually, Chester had dated other women before Charity. However, he was not a person who would take a relationship as a game.

He never promised Charity a future because they were too young back then. A romantic relationship should be centered on happiness and fun.

However, Sarah ruined everything.

Chester ended up giving Charity harsh scoldings and humiliation.

Even after that, Charity still said she was innocent and did not k**l anyone. She begged him and hoped he would take their old times into consideration.

Chester chose to ignore her and helped Sarah to get the best lawyer. He sent Charity to p****n, and she passed away.

Even back when he found out Charity was wrongly accused, he had not felt what he was feeling right now.

He thought that her being wrongly accused was one thing, while her being flirtatious was another thing.

Only now did he realize he got it all f*cking wrong.

Sarah kept looking at Chester until he was done smoking the cigarette. Then, she laughed like a lunatic. “Chester, when Charity was sent to p****n back then, I already knew that she wasn’t the m******r. A person like Charity would never k**l someone. I just said that on purpose. I wanted the person she loved the most to send her into p****n with his own hands. Why was she adored by my dad? Why did my dad give everything to her? I wanted her to be in a living h**l.”

Chester stood up. His handsome outline looked as if it was shrouded in a layer of ice. His eyes seemed like two dark holes behind his lenses.

He stared at Sarah darkly.

“Are you very angry?” Sarah had gone crazy. “Haha. What use is there in being angry? Charity will never know. Don’t worry. When I reach the underworld, I’ll explain everything to her. However, I don’t know whether she’ll forgive you or not.

“Chester, I’m going to d*e. Even so, I won’t let you be happy.

“I wasn’t sure before, but you came to ask about Charity now. That means that you do care for her, even if it’s just slightly.

“It’s too bad. It’s truly unfortunate.

“Thinking about it, my d***h in this life is worth it after being able to fool you three outstanding guys.”


Chester threw the receiver down and left.


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